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APWhite October 16, 2007 22:19

Screensaver needs to rewrite some code

It has been my long-standing philosophy to not have the borg write game code in order to do his business (or at least do it as little as possible). But the screensaver aspect of the game needs a short fix in order to get it to work with the changes to the birth process. (Since this is screensaver and not pure borging, I have not violated any of my ethics).

Specifically, when the screensaver starts up, it looks for an existing savegame. The screensaver needs to create a savegame if one does not exist. Rolling up that first character and creating the game is running into some snags with the recent change to event_handler.

So I will need to make some changes to main_win.c and birth.c to get around this issue. I will also need to force an option change with out going through the Option Menu (=). I will need to modify the cheat_live option when the screensaver savegame loads. Sorry about the inconvience, I will make the footprint as small as possible.

I will send the fix to you in a few days.


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