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UglySquirrell April 11, 2013 21:42

Forced Redraw 3.4.1
I noticed in Angband 3.4.1, that i was having the same problem, iv'e been having with Sangband. The screen flickers whenever i use my Magic missile spell, and appear's to do the same when i open a spellbook, or my inventory. After playing around with it a bit, it seemed to be redrawing the screen. after these actions.

I blundered into a way to cast spells without this happening, (made a keymap for m, maa*t. that kept the screen normal, but i cant seem to recreate it with a key that i don't need. ie. F1 etc. After looking into keymaps a bit, i realize, this is not at all how to make them :) i'm a long time macro guy.

After researching a bit on the forum's, i came across this-

Originally Posted by buzzkill
Maintainers, how hard would it be to force a redraw after viewing a list, like inventory, equipment (also when using an item), shops or map? Little bits of graphics are often left behind after such actions when playing with 32x32 tiles. It would be nice if this (redraw) happened automatically, so I didn't have to ctrl-r so often. I believe that just about every variant that uses graphic tile has this problem.
Not hard, but also not universally a good idea. Depending on the system you are playing on, it can lead to annoying screen flicker or slowdown, which is why maintainers tend to be reluctant to force a complete redraw.

Seem's almost exactly, what im experiencing now.. I'm wondering if anyone know's if this is what's happening. and if so, how to disable it. Or decrease the delay on the redraw, so it's not visual.

Any help would be greatly apperciated.

UglySquirrell April 11, 2013 21:51

After playing around with option's. Iv'e noticed that the old tiles work fine, but if i use the with big/double/triple size, the problem reappear's. Just finished trying something out, it appears that all of the tiles work fine, if i set them to 1X1 size, anything above that and i get the redraw type effect, whenever i exit a menu. Or hit escape after going into any menu, including the enter one.

Very strange, even with graphics, set off and using ascii if i choose anything higher than the 1X1 this happen's.

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