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clouded October 9, 2016 01:00

[Announce] TomeNET 4.7.0 Released
Download here.

The TomeNET team has released version 4.7.0 featuring changelists far too long to post here. Check out the server side changes and the client side changes on the TomeNET forum. Getting started with TomeNET is very easy, you only need to download the client like any other band and then connect to the server and start playing. The website has a little guide on getting started and other players will always be willing to answer any questions. Once you get used to the game being in real time, TomeNET is one of the best Angband variants around and one of the most actively maintained, try it out!

getter77 October 9, 2016 14:21

That really is a massive changelog---congrats to the team! The new, larger font options towards the very bottom there would seem especially primed to help in the long haul as far as people recording videos and otherwise getting into it.

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