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Narvius August 12, 2013 21:41

My Roguelike project
So, ever since I got into Angband for real (which seems to be early 2008, so over five years ago), I wanted to write my own roguelike. I've started, and quickly abandoned, several projects over that time, each time justifying myself with something along the lines of "it's too big a project for now".

Turns out I'm simply a lazy fuck. Over the last three days, however, I tried to power through and actually get something done.

So, this is an early prototype of my RL. Requires Windoze 64-bit, as well as SDL on $PATH and OpenGL. The Windoze64 requirement could be relaxed, but I'd have to fiddle around with the bundling, so only if someone wants it.
...yeah, I set the bothering-barrier kinda high with those requirements. :<

Controls are Numpad + Numeric keys (1-3) + Space.

It's written in Common Lisp, though I'm currently somewhat ambivalent on open-sourcing it. I probably will at some point.

Also note that as of now, targetting self will usually result in a nice crash, coupled with cryptic error message and all I still am a lazy fuck, just a bit less.

Also, I don't ever want to write field of vision or pathfinding ever again. Please.

You have three resource bars, aptly named Red, Green and Blue. Each one of those serves as both HP and mana for spells.
There is no bump-attack - for the player, killing happens only via spells.
Transposition swaps places with a target, taking up no time in the process.
Spark is some direct damage.
Push... well, pushes away the target, three fields. If it crashes into something, it takes damage.
If any resource bar falls to zero through damage (but not through paying for spells), it becomes "broken" - it's locked at zero until the break wears off (ten turns for now).
The only way you can take damage other than green in this prototype is by casting Spark on self. If you take damage of a color you have zero in, you die. Damage bringing you down to zero doesn't kill you.
There is no goal, though you can try to kill all goblins. It's relatively achievable/easy.

fizzix August 13, 2013 05:39

If you haven't already, you should also post this on some other roguelike forums. The other game forum on the bay12 website is a good option. Also the roguelike subreddit on reddit is probably worth it as well.

Also, I'm going to be in Poland for a couple days in September, I'm looking forward to it!

lukaus August 13, 2013 05:47

I don't know what those requirements mean O.o
Its good you're bearing down on your project, though!

But I am curious, how does one write the code for field of vision? I can't work out the code-logic behind it in my head. I guess itd be something like.. show everything within a certain radius, then find opaque things within that circle... then block out.. something.... :P

If there is some online guide or something, could you point me to it?

Derakon August 13, 2013 06:00

Lukaus: there's a number of possible algorithms you can use. For Pyrel, I copied this article, in large part because it had existing code available for me to steal.

lukaus August 13, 2013 06:32

Ah, amazing, thank you! This whole website looks quite useful..

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