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Sideways October 24, 2022 14:01


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 159544)
Had a player on the webserver wondering where their vFear was coming from, on a Craven character.

Yes, I know the name of the personality would imply it, but apparently that's not enough and it needs to be explicitly stated that Craven gives vFear; its current description doesn't do that.

I think it's not stated because Craven also penalizes your CL for fear check calculations; and only mentioning the vFear might give the inaccurate implication that that's the only fear-related penalty, while mentioning both feels like overkill for a short flavor description. (They are both mentioned in the much longer help section on fear.)

MITZE October 28, 2022 23:25

Bugs/RFEs: Various Things
Bunch of various things; some arguably bugs, and some arguably not but also don't make sense if you stop to think about them.

  • Necromancers two-handing something still counts for them having a "free hand" for touch attacks. Possibly applies for mummies too, etc.
  • Similar problem with (at least) mummies; according to Bucephalus, they can wear a shield, hold the reins while riding, and still have a "free hand" for their gimmicks.
  • Animate Dead, logically, reanimates corpses and skeletons . . . yet, detect spells treat the reanimated as living still. Not strictly a bug, but a logic problem with the current system.

MITZE October 29, 2022 03:50

One More Thing
Oh, one more thing about Animate Dead: while regular monsters running away might make sense, it doesn't for undead slaves!

MITZE November 1, 2022 16:29

Bug/RFE: Necromancers and Vecnacrown
If I'm understanding how things work correctly, Vecnacrown can't drop for Necromancers. Ever.

It's a setchance drop from Vecna only, and for Necromancers Vecnahand takes priority in the statement.

Pete Mack November 3, 2022 00:28

Vecna really needs 100% to drop his head.
That is such a good (apocryphal) story. Direct ancestor of Leeeeroy Jenkkns!

MITZE November 3, 2022 05:35

That's One Tough Sheep
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 2126

It really, really is.

MITZE November 5, 2022 15:55

The Land of Oz
Visited Oz for the first time yesterday.




You're a sick and twisted individual, rodent.

Nick November 5, 2022 23:53


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 159603)
You're a sick and twisted individual, rodent.

Like all the best maintainers.

MITZE November 18, 2022 23:36

Bug: Necromancer Touch Spells and Fear
A necromancer's touch spells don't appear to be consistent with current fear code; as far as I can tell it looks like it (necromancer.c starting at line 14) still presumes old binary fear code (e.g. current V/FA2), where being afraid at all prevents you from doing the thing (melee, or in a Necromancer's case their touch spells which in a lot of ways count as melee) and also prevents you from wasting the turn due to fear getting in the way.

GrimaTheBold November 28, 2022 00:26

Quick question - when casting Genocide, why does the game ask for confirmation if it's a 'n' or 'X'? What's special about nagas and xorns?

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