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mbell999 May 30, 2009 19:47

item list problem (r1414)
I've noticed that if there are many items in the item list sub-window, taking a turn begins to take a very long time. This becomes most obvious when resting or running with more than about 40 items listed (at least on my PC). If I detect 100 or more items on a level I have to turn off the item list in the options menu until I leave the level because things run so slowly.

By the way, I love the work being done for 3.1.1. Thanks to all the developers! :D

Taha June 9, 2009 16:36

I've noticed the exact same problem in r1429 and r1430 (slow turn count while sleeping, and delays while running), but hadn't directly associated it with the item list, I assumed it was related to the number of awake monsters on the level. The problem definitely seemed to get worse on deeper levels and as the level was explored, which would be consistent with an item list problem. I will try removing the item list tonight to see if that helps.
I also like a lot of the changes being made. Ironically, the changes to the item list are among my favorite, if only they didn't slow the game to a crawl. Being able to instantly tell when unid'd items are on the screen is great.
ass Cam

Taha June 10, 2009 14:43

Tested with r1435 last night; turning off the item list subwindow immediately solved the speed issue. Just disabling the window didn't help though, I had to actually uncheck the window setting to show the item list.

Hopefully someone can help with this; it doesn't seem like the item list ought to be able to slow down the whole game. Turning it off makes the game much harder to play.

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