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Nozok November 1, 2019 21:41

4.2 Dunadan Druid Winner and class review
I've been playing Angband off and on since Moria. I was excited to see 4.2 come out, and tried out the Druid. I enjoyed it enough I figured I'd write up my experiences and share with the community.

I'm not a dive fast player. I enjoy exploring levels and clearing vaults and all that stuff. I end up at Morgoth most of the time once past the first few levels, so it works for me.

Let's start with the Char Dump, right after killing Morgoth.


  [Angband 4.2.0 Character Dump]

 Name  Echeleb      Age            60          Self  RB  CB  EB  Best
 Race  Dunadan      Height        7'5"  STR! 18/100  +1  -2  +7 18/160
 Class  Druid        Weight  12st 10lb  INT! 18/100  +2  +0 +12 18/***
 Title  ***WINNER*** Turns used:          WIS! 18/100  +2  +3  +7 18/***
 HP    962/962      Game      1679683  DEX! 18/100  +2  -2 +11 18/210
 SP    392/392      Standard    305841  CON! 18/100  +3  +0  +9 18/***
                    Resting    155831

 Level                50    Armor    [78,+163]    Saving Throw    100%
 Cur Exp        13254880                          Stealth    Very Good
 Max Exp        13254880    Melee      8d4,+30    Disarm - phys.  83%
 Adv Exp        ********    To-hit      53,+35    Disarm - magic  83%
                            Blows      4.0/turn    Magic Devices    92
 Gold              706196                          Searching        90%
 Burden          343.5 lb    Shoot to-dam    +15    Infravision    30 ft
 Overweight      163.6 lb    To-hit      66,+32    Speed      16 (2.6x)
 Max Depth  5000' (L100)    Shots      1.0/turn

 You are the illegitimate and unacknowledged child of a Serf.  You are
 a well liked child.  You have dark brown eyes, straight blond hair,
 and a dark complexion.

Resistances        Abilities
 Acid:..+...+.++*.. pFear:..+.......+..
 Elec:......+.++... pBlnd:+.+......+...
 Fire:......+.+*... pConf:......+......
 Cold:+.....+.*.+.. pStun:...+......+..
 Pois:..+...+..+... HLife:.............
Light:......+.++... Regen:+.+..........
 Dark:......+......  ESP:...........+.
Sound:......+...... S.Inv:+........+...
Shard:.+....+...... FrAct:.++..........
Nexus:..+....+..... Feath:..+........+.
Nethr:.++.......... S.Dig:.+......+....
Chaos:......+...... TrpIm:.............
Disen:..+.+++.+.... Bless:.............

Hindrances          Modifiers
ImpHP:............. Stea.:.......+.....
ImpSP:............. Sear.:.........+...
 Fear:............. Infra:....+........
Aggrv:............. Tunn.:.............
NoTel:............. Speed:...+.......+.
DrExp:............. Blows:.............
Stick:............. Shots:.............
Fragl:............. Might:.............

  [Character Equipment]

a) the Scythe of Slicing of Rhonien (8d4) (+12,+18) <+5>
    Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2500 feet (level 50)
    +5 intelligence.
    Slays dragons (powerfully), demons (powerfully), trolls.
    Branded with cold.
    Provides resistance to cold.
    Provides protection from blindness.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Speeds regeneration.  Grants the ability to see invisible things.
    When activated, it teleports you randomly about 60 per cent of the
    largest distance you could go.
    Takes 127 to 140 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 97.3%
    Combat info:
    4.0 blows/round.
    Average damage/round: 408 vs. creatures not resistant to cold, 592
    vs. dragons, 592 vs. demons, 408 vs. trolls, and 224 vs. others.
b) the Long Bow 'Gondre' (x3) (+9,+15) <+5, +3>
    Dropped by a dread at 4000 feet (level 80)
    +5 dexterity.
    +3 constitution.
    Provides resistance to shards, nether.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Slows your metabolism.  Prevents paralysis. 
c) the Band of Hancalath [+30] <+3, +4>
    Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2700 feet (level 54)
    +3 strength.
    +4 intelligence.
    +3 dexterity.
    Provides resistance to acid, poison, nexus, nether,
    Provides protection from fear, blindness.
    Cannot be harmed by lightning.
    Sustains dexterity.
    Feather Falling.  Speeds regeneration.  Prevents paralysis. 
d) the Band of Gunden <+12>
    Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2550 feet (level 51)
    +12 speed.
    Provides protection from stunning.
    Cannot be harmed by lightning.
    Sustains dexterity.
e) the Jewel 'Heleg' <+3>
    Dropped by Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings at 1900 feet (level
    +3 intelligence.
    +3 wisdom.
    +3 constitution.
    +3 infravision.
    Provides resistance to disenchantment.
    When activated, it deals 60 damage to all undead creatures that
    you can see.
    Takes 189 to 210 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 90.4%
f) the Phial of Indarog <+3>
    Conjured forth by magic at 1900 feet (level 38)
    +3 light.
    Provides resistance to disenchantment.
    Cannot be harmed by fire.
    Intensity 3 light.
    When activated, it lights up the surrounding area, hurting
    light-sensitive creatures.
    Takes 28 to 52 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 90.4%
g) Power Dragon Scale Mail (-3) [60,+23]
    Found lying on the floor at 4000 feet (level 80)
    Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, poison, light,
    dark, sound, shards, chaos, disenchantment.
    Provides protection from confusion.
h) an Ethereal Cloak of Aman [0,+44] <+2>
    Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4000 feet (level 80)
    +2 stealth.
    Provides resistance to nexus.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
i) the Wicker Shield of Alinden [2,+10] <+4, +3>
    Dropped by Ungoliant, the Unlight at 4000 feet (level 80)
    +4 strength.
    +3 constitution.
    Provides immunity to cold.
    Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, light,
    Cannot be harmed by acid.
    Slows your metabolism. 
    When activated, it grants temporary resistance to fire for 1d10+10
    Takes 85 to 93 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 94.9%
j) the Steel Helm of Thlos [9,+13] <+3>
    Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2150 feet (level 43)
    +3 dexterity.
    +3 searching skill.
    Provides immunity to fire.
    Provides resistance to acid, lightning, poison, light.
    Provides protection from blindness.
    Cannot be harmed by acid.
    Grants the ability to see invisible things. 
    When activated, it restores your intelligence.
    Takes 169 to 187 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 94.9%
k) the Set of Gauntlets 'Amaisse' [3,+16] <+2, +1>
    Dropped by a gorgon at 2650 feet (level 53)
    +2 wisdom.
    +1 light.
    Provides immunity to acid.
    Provides resistance to cold.
    Provides protection from fear, stunning.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    When activated, it confuses a target monster.
    Takes 65 to 70 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 94.4%
l) the Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Sinedhor [4,+12] <+2, +10>
    Dropped by a master vampire at 3800 feet (level 76)
    +2 wisdom.
    +10 speed.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Feather Falling.  Grants telepathy. 

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Books of Nature Magics [Lesser Charms] {@m1}
    You can read this book.
b) 4 Books of Nature Magics [Gifts of Nature] {@m2}
    You can read this book.
c) 2 Books of Nature Magics [Creature Dominion]
    Cannot be harmed by fire.
    You can read this book.
d) 3 Books of Nature Magics [Nature Craft]
    Cannot be harmed by fire.
    You can read this book.
e) 2 Books of Nature Magics [Wild Forces] {@m4}
    Cannot be harmed by fire.
    You can read this book.
f) 6 Potions of Healing
g) 15 Potions of *Healing*
    It can be thrown at creatures with damaging effect.
h) 4 Potions of Life
    It can be thrown at creatures with damaging effect.
i) 8 Potions of Restore Mana
j) 6 Scrolls of Phase Door
k) 26 Scrolls of Teleportation
l) 6 Scrolls of Teleport Level
m) 11 Scrolls of Banishment
n) 4 Scrolls of Mass Banishment
o) 3 Rods of Detection {@z1}
    Cannot be harmed by lightning.
p) 2 Rods of Probing
q) 3 Rods of Healing (3 charging)
    Cannot be harmed by lightning.
r) 4 Rods of Teleport Other
s) 4 Rods of Recall {!z!d!k}
    Cannot be harmed by lightning.
t) the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth [0,+0] <+50, +1> {??}
    Dropped by Morgoth, Lord of Darkness at 5000 feet (level 100)
    You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.
    +50 strength.
    +50 intelligence.
    +50 wisdom.
    +50 dexterity.
    +50 constitution.
    +50 infravision.
    +1 light.
    Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, poison, light,
    dark, nexus, nether.
    Provides protection from fear, confusion.
    Cannot be harmed by acid.
    Grants telepathy.  Grants the ability to see invisible things. 
u) the Quarterstaff of Breglir (3d9) (+10,+27) [+5] <+4, +5, +1>
    Dropped by Adunaphel the Quiet at 3800 feet (level 76)
    +4 intelligence.
    +5 wisdom.
    +1 light.
    Slays undead (powerfully), dragons (powerfully), demons, giants,
    trolls, orcs, animals, evil creatures.
    Branded with acid.
    Provides immunity to lightning.
    Provides resistance to acid, fire, cold, dark.
    Provides protection from fear, blindness, confusion.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Speeds regeneration.  Grants the ability to see invisible things.
    Prevents paralysis.  Aggravates creatures nearby. 
    When activated, it hastens you for 2d10+20 turns.
    Takes 213 to 260 turns to recharge at your current speed.
    Your chance of success is 91.2%
    Combat info:
    4.0 blows/round.
    Average damage/round: 365.6 vs. creatures not resistant to acid,
    497.6 vs. undead, 497.6 vs. dragons, 365.6 vs. demons, 365.6 vs.
    giants, 365.6 vs. trolls, 365.6 vs. orcs, 299.6 vs. animals, 299.6
    vs. evil creatures, and 233.6 vs. others.
v) the Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10]
    Dropped by Morgoth, Lord of Darkness at 5000 feet (level 100)
    Slays undead (powerfully), dragons (powerfully), demons
    (powerfully), trolls, orcs, animals, evil creatures.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Grants telepathy.  Grants the ability to see invisible things.
    Sometimes creates earthquakes on impact.  Aggravates creatures
    Combat info:
    You are too weak to use this weapon.
    1.0 blow/round.
    With +4 STR and +0 DEX you would get 4.0 blows
    Average damage/round: 398.4 vs. undead, 398.4 vs. dragons, 398.4
    vs. demons, 259.8 vs. trolls, 259.8 vs. orcs, 190.5 vs. animals,
    190.5 vs. evil creatures, and 121.2 vs. others.

  [Character Quiver]

0) 19 Seeker Arrows of Slay Evil (4d4) (+16,+11)
    Slays evil creatures.
    Combat info:
    Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
    Average damage/round: 189 vs. evil creatures, and 113.4 vs.
    35% chance of breaking upon contact.
1) 21 Seeker Arrows of Holy Might (4d4) (+19,+15)
    Slays undead, demons, evil creatures.
    Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
    Combat info:
    Hits targets up to 120 feet away.
    Average damage/round: 252 vs. undead, 252 vs. demons, 210 vs. evil
    creatures, and 126 vs. others.
    35% chance of breaking upon contact.

[Player history]
      Turn  Depth  Note
        0      0'  Began the quest to destroy Morgoth.
      458    50'  Reached level 2
      1902    100'  Reached level 3
      2192    100'  Reached level 4
      2427    100'  Killed Grip, Farmer Maggot's Dog
      2596    100'  Reached level 5
      3106    100'  Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's Dog
      4100    150'  Reached level 6
      5256    200'  Reached level 7
      5977    200'  Reached level 8
      7153    250'  Reached level 9
      9766    300'  Reached level 10
    10117      0'  Killed Farmer Maggot
    10825    300'  Reached level 11
    13471    400'  Reached level 12
    13494    400'  Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
    14192    450'  Reached level 13
    15096    500'  Killed Brodda, the Easterling
    15563    500'  Reached level 14
    16304    550'  Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
    16571    550'  Reached level 15
    16572    550'  Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
    20366    650'  Reached level 16
    22199    650'  Reached level 17
    23773    700'  Reached level 18
    24214    700'  Killed Grishnkh, the Hill Orc
    25136    800'  Reached level 19
    25635    800'  Killed Ulfast, Son of Ulfang
    27094    800'  Reached level 20
    29045    900'  Killed Ufthak of Cirith Ungol
    29592    950'  Reached level 21
    32457  1000'  Reached level 22
    33032  1000'  Killed Shagrat, the Orc Captain
    34180  1000'  Reached level 23
    35480  1000'  Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
    36022  1000'  Reached level 24
    38598  1050'  Killed Nr, the Dwarf
    38598  1050'  Reached level 25
    41660  1150'  Killed Gorbag, the Orc Captain
    42602  1200'  Killed Lagduf, the Snaga
    42608  1200'  Found the Set of Caestus of Elegnost
    43083  1200'  Found the Phial of Istir (LOST)
    43646  1200'  Reached level 26
    44808  1250'  Reached level 26
    46237  1250'  Killed Smagol
    47326  1250'  Killed Bolg, Son of Azog
    47337  1250'  Found the Fur Cloak of Glindi (LOST)
    47560  1250'  Reached level 27
    49139  1300'  Killed Sangahyando of Umbar
    49141  1300'  Found the Hard Leather Cap 'Lerilth' (LOST)
    49554  1300'  Killed Khm, Son of Mm
    49818  1300'  Killed Angamait of Umbar
    52259  1350'  Reached level 28
    53698  1350'  Killed Beorn, the Shape-Changer
    55117  1400'  Killed Uldor the Accursed
    58025  1450'  Killed Azog, Enemy of the Dwarves
    58203  1450'  Found the Elfstone 'Celorod' (LOST)
    59437  1450'  Killed Ibun, Son of Mm
    59875  1450'  Killed Mm, Betrayer of Turin
    60109  1500'  Killed Lugdush, the Uruk
    60109  1500'  Reached level 29
    60348  1500'  Killed Uglk, the Uruk
    62412  1650'  Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
    62426  1650'  Killed Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief
    63150  1700'  Killed Draebor, the Imp
    63170  1700'  Found the Pendant 'Valar'
    64120  1750'  Killed Lokkak, the Ogre Chieftain
    65994  1750'  Reached level 30
    71564  1800'  Reached level 31
    77409  1850'  Reached level 32
    81296  1850'  Killed Bert the Stone Troll
    81545  1850'  Killed Bill the Stone Troll
    81612  1850'  Killed Tom the Stone Troll
    81625  1850'  Found the Set of Mithril Gauntlets of Thrissea
    82669  1850'  Killed Old Man Willow
    82805  1850'  Reached level 33
    84480  1850'  Killed Ulwarth, Son of Ulfang
    84586  1850'  Found the Zweihander of Thras
    87366  1900'  Found the Phial of Indarog
    87779  1900'  Killed Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings
    87810  1900'  Found the Cutlass of Breldair
    87811  1900'  Found the Jewel 'Heleg'
    89684  1850'  Reached level 34
    93226  1850'  Killed Ulfang the Black
    93226  1850'  Found the Studded Leather Armour 'Annari'
    99733  1900'  Reached level 35
    104098  2150'  Killed The Queen Ant
    110151  2150'  Found the Steel Helm of Thlos
    110203  2150'  Found the Battle Axe of Maran (LOST)
    112556  2100'  Reached level 36
    117275  2100'  Found the Tulwar of Gondenel (LOST)
    117408  2100'  Found the Ethereal Cloak 'Eldalin'
    118114  2100'  Found the Cloak of Tinindi
    119226  2100'  Reached level 37
    120926  2100'  Found the Set of Caestus of Nimardar (LOST)
    125044  2300'  Found the Throwing Axe of Narahtana
    131334  2400'  Found the Trident of Aglas
    132648  2400'  Killed Itangast the Fire Drake
    132648  2400'  Reached level 38
    132655  2400'  Found the Short Sword of Curhurith (LOST)
    133758  2400'  Reached level 38
    134162  2400'  Found the Elfstone of Berinam (LOST)
    141541  2500'  Found the Scythe of Slicing of Rhonien
    141673  2500'  Killed El, the Dark Elf
    142078  2500'  Reached level 39
    144794  2550'  Reached level 39
    146459  2550'  Killed The Balrog of Moria
    147842  2550'  Killed Rogrog the Black Troll
    148760  2550'  Found the Ring of Eiglothod
    149251  2550'  Found the Band of Gunden
    151759  2600'  Killed Quaker, Master of Earth
    151759  2600'  Reached level 40
    152865  2650'  Found the Golden Crown 'Adaurhor'
    154432  2650'  Killed Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir
    154874  2650'  Found the Set of Gauntlets 'Amaisse'
    155862  2700'  Found the Metal Cap of Ormenoron (LOST)
    162157  2700'  Reached level 41
    163991  2700'  Reached level 41
    164626  2700'  Reached level 41
    173379  2700'  Killed Ar-Pharazn the Golden
    177633  2700'  Reached level 42
    179235  2700'  Found the Executioner's Sword of Baramir (LOST)
    179279  2700'  Found the Band of Hancalath
    181033  2800'  Killed The Phoenix
    181033  2800'  Found the Set of Alchemist's Gloves of Gorthlon
    181042  2800'  Found the Halberd of Elleri
    181046  2800'  Found the Executioner's Sword 'Careg' (LOST)
    182483  2800'  Killed Waldern, King of Water
    183131  2800'  Found the Pair of Leather Sandals of Sulume (LOST)
    190373  2900'  Found the Pick 'Eluria'
    191910  2900'  Found the Pendant of Lionwen
    192150  2900'  Reached level 43
    193923  2950'  Found the Bastard Sword 'Oldaial' (LOST)
    194203  3000'  Killed Vargo, Tyrant of Fire
    194623  3000'  Killed Scatha the Worm
    194627  3000'  Found the Tulwar of Nastol (LOST)
    195418  3050'  Found the Leather Scale Mail 'Loegnost' (LOST)
    197014  3050'  Killed Harowen the Black Hand
    198195  3050'  Reached level 43
    202584  3100'  Killed Ariel, Queen of Air
    204482  3100'  Reached level 44
    206984  3100'  Reached level 44
    207193  3100'  Killed Smaug the Golden
    207193  3100'  Found the Executioner's Sword 'Amaed' (LOST)
    207766  3100'  Killed Saruman of Many Colours
    207770  3100'  Found the Katana of Orillim (LOST)
    214039  3100'  Reached level 45
    215462  3150'  Reached level 45
    223347  3400'  Reached level 46
    224890  3350'  Found the War Hammer of Miryarmir (LOST)
    225585  3350'  Killed Fundin Bluecloak
    229321  3400'  Reached level 46
    235147  3550'  Killed Tevildo, Prince of Cats
    235147  3550'  Reached level 47
    235158  3550'  Found the Mithril Plate Mail 'Curielos'
    239963  3550'  Reached level 47
    243120  3550'  Killed Tselakus, the Dreadlord
    244100  3550'  Reached level 46
    244100  3550'  Reached level 47
    244261  3550'  Killed Nan, the Giant
    245258  3550'  Found the Scythe of Minquani
    245299  3550'  Found the Band 'Varanwen'
    245524  3550'  Reached level 48
    245764  3550'  Reached level 48
    247494  3550'  Found the Dagger of Faurth (LOST)
    247548  3550'  Killed Shelob, Spider of Darkness
    247559  3550'  Found the Ring of Elebril (LOST)
    250071  3600'  Killed Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin
    250072  3600'  Found the Broad Sword of Anden (LOST)
    250125  3600'  Found the Lead-Filled Mace of Nibil (LOST)
    250365  3600'  Reached level 48
    251360  3600'  Reached level 48
    251720  3600'  Killed Akhorahil the Blind
    252151  3600'  Reached level 48
    253197  3600'  Reached level 49
    255218  3600'  Reached level 49
    255294  3600'  Killed Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger
    255779  3600'  Reached level 48
    255779  3600'  Reached level 49
    256019  3600'  Found the Zweihander 'Earien' (LOST)
    259203  3600'  Killed Gilim, the Giant of Eruman
    259231  3600'  Found the Wicker Shield of Quenim (LOST)
    262142  3750'  Reached level 50
    263986  3800'  Found the Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Sinedhor
    264606  3800'  Killed Adunaphel the Quiet
    264627  3800'  Killed Uvatha the Horseman
    264633  3800'  Found the Quarterstaff of Breglir
    264851  3800'  Reached level 50
    265543  3800'  Found the Partial Plate Armour 'Armoron'
    265588  3800'  Reached level 50
    266695  3900'  Reached level 50
    269683  4000'  Killed The Witch-King of Angmar
    269691  4000'  Found the Set of Alchemist's Gloves of Malad (LOST)
    269720  4000'  Killed Ren the Unclean
    272749  4000'  Found the Cutlass 'Nireliond' (LOST)
    273954  4000'  Found the Long Bow 'Gondre'
    274098  4000'  Killed Glaurung, Father of the Dragons
    274978  4000'  Killed Feagwath, the Undead Sorcerer
    274984  4000'  Found the Light Crossbow of Tiryar
    275452  4000'  Killed Qlzqqlzuup, the Emperor Quylthulg
    276637  4000'  Killed Oss, Herald of Ulmo
    276815  4000'  Found the Katana of Mahtargon (LOST)
    277006  4000'  Found the Maul of Dilim (LOST)
    277048  4000'  Found the Knight's Shield of Nionil
    277582  4000'  Killed Makar, the Warrior
    277585  4000'  Found the Pair of Ethereal Slippers of Thirest (LOST)
    279596  4000'  Found the Jewel Encrusted Crown of Halonn (LOST)
    280104  4000'  Killed Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw
    280668  4000'  Killed Baphomet the Minotaur Lord
    280727  4000'  Found the Leather Scale Mail 'Dimbri' (LOST)
    281327  4000'  Killed Wiruin, the Maelstrom
    282558  4000'  Killed Ungoliant, the Unlight
    282565  4000'  Found the Wicker Shield of Alinden
    283246  4250'  Killed Omarax, the Eye Tyrant
    283675  4250'  Found the Lucerne Hammer of Gasalath (LOST)
    283841  4250'  Killed Pazuzu, Lord of Air
    283900  4250'  Found the Full Plate Armour of Telrod
    283956  4250'  Killed Khamûl, the Black Easterling
    284055  4250'  Killed Ji Indur Dawndeath
    284813  4300'  Found the Mithril Shield 'Edenwe'
    286030  4400'  Killed Draugluin, Sire of All Werewolves
    286316  4400'  Killed Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst
    286470  4400'  Found the Partial Plate Armour of Antelluin (LOST)
    288663  4400'  Killed The Tarrasque
    288903  4400'  Found the Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Lebraduin (LOST)
    291517  4450'  Killed Ancalagon the Black
    291753  4450'  Found the Maul 'Huanrufin' (LOST)
    291988  4450'  Killed Kavlax the Many-Headed
    293500  4700'  Killed Gothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs
    293789  4700'  Killed Vecna, the Emperor Lich
    294488  4700'  Killed Lungorthin, the Balrog of White Fire
    295711  4700'  Killed Mess, the Bloody
    297506  4750'  Found the Mace of Hundim (LOST)
    299193  4750'  Killed The Mouth of Sauron
    299381  4750'  Killed Huan, Wolfhound of the Valar
    299853  4750'  Found the Shovel of Ramar (LOST)
    304107  4950'  Killed Hoarmurath of Dir
    304130  4950'  Found the Scimitar 'Anarim' (LOST)
    304171  4950'  Killed Sauron, the Sorcerer
    304172  4950'  Found the Throwing Axe of Edhwe (LOST)
    305684  5000'  Killed Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
    305687  5000'  Found the Mighty Hammer 'Grond'
    305703  5000'  Found the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth


  [User interface]

Use the roguelike command keyset            : no  (rogue_like_commands)
Use sound                                    : no  (use_sound)
Show damage player deals to monsters        : yes (show_damage)
Use old target by default                    : no  (use_old_target)
Always pickup items                          : no  (pickup_always)
Always pickup items matching inventory      : yes (pickup_inven)
Show flavors in object descriptions          : no  (show_flavors)
Highlight target with cursor                : yes (show_target)
Highlight player with cursor between turns  : no  (highlight_player)
Disturb whenever viewable monster moves      : yes (disturb_near)
Show walls as solid blocks                  : no  (solid_walls)
Show walls with shaded background            : no  (hybrid_walls)
Color: Illuminate torchlight in yellow      : yes (view_yellow_light)
Color: Shimmer multi-colored things          : yes (animate_flicker)
Center map continuously                      : yes (center_player)
Color: Show unique monsters in purple        : no  (purple_uniques)
Automatically clear '-more-' prompts        : yes (auto_more)
Color: Player color indicates % hit points  : yes (hp_changes_color)
Allow mouse clicks to move the player        : no  (mouse_movement)
Notify on object recharge                    : no  (notify_recharge)
Show effective speed as multiplier          : no  (effective_speed)


Generate a new, random artifact set          : yes (birth_randarts)
Generate connected stairs                    : yes (birth_connect_stairs)
Force player descent (never make up stairs)  : no  (birth_force_descend)
Word of Recall has no effect                : no  (birth_no_recall)
Restrict creation of artifacts              : no  (birth_no_artifacts)
Stack objects on the floor                  : yes (birth_stacking)
Lose artifacts when leaving level            : no  (birth_lose_arts)
Show level feelings                          : yes (birth_feelings)
Increase gold drops but disable selling      : yes (birth_no_selling)
Start with a kit of useful gear              : yes (birth_start_kit)
Monsters learn from their mistakes          : no  (birth_ai_learn)
Know all runes on birth                      : no  (birth_know_runes)
Know all flavors on birth                    : no  (birth_know_flavors)
Persistent levels (experimental)            : no  (birth_levels_persist)
To-damage is a percentage of dice (experimental): no  (birth_percent_damage)

Nozok November 1, 2019 22:00

General thoughts on Druid and 4.2 - ie How did I kill stuff.

I thing it was a good class addition. Different spell mix and turning into forms was neat. I never figured out what/how to Tame something, and gave up eventually, so no clue about that.

Early levels were tough, with 1 attack per round and not much available for attack spells. Running around in Fox form took some getting used to, but the extra stealth and move is nice early on.

Early levels killing things was a mix of whatever ranged weapon or wands I had, Stinking cloud, and a whole lot of Lightning Strike when I got that a L12.

Mid levels, was still a whole lot of Lightning Strike still, with Earth Rising added in there when it made sense. Plus changing to a Pukel-man and face tanking everything. I had good AC - that plus Pukel-man meant I just meleed down everything tough. All the tough named Trolls were trivial to melee down, for example. That balance didn't seem right to me.

Next main way to kill things was Meteor Swarm. That got through a lot of levels and uniques.

Late levels ended up killing things in melee, like I usually end up on all characters. Once I had the stat gain and equipment to max out at 4 attacks, then add Bear form for another attack and buffs, and melee did more damage than spells.

For Morgoth, I was low on Healing potions and rich on Banishment scrolls, so tried out a Meteor Swarm, Phase Door, and Banishment approach, which worked out fine. Used Eagle form a few times to out run annoying summons too, since Morgoth would chase and catch up.

All in all, the Druid forms were a good addition. I didn't like the extra step having to change out of the form to do anything, just due to the usual rapid rythem of moving and casting and macros I do, so I ended up having to deal with that a bunch.

fph November 1, 2019 22:33

Nice boots!

Nozok November 1, 2019 22:37

My thoughts on the Druid spells:

Since I don't dive fast, I ended up having many levels between when I had all the store bought spells (first two books) and finally got the 3rd book. This was Ok I guess, but kind of disappointing.

Lesser Charms
a. Detect Life -- Nice L1 utility spell. Used off and on the whole game.
b. Fox Form -- I liked its utility, though I would have liked something that helped me kill things in the early game. Used it more deeper probably, when I wanted more stealth for picking up loot on the floor without fighting stuff.
c. Remove Hunger -- standard food spell
d. Stinking Cloud -- Ok early damage spell. Not useful for long.
e. Confuse Monster -- I never used it. Never do an any character really.
f. Slow Monsters -- Didn't use it. I find phase door scrolls more to my liking.

Gifts of Nature
a. Cure Poison - Always nice to have in early levels
b. Resist Poison - Also nice. Probably used it most in late levels to get doubled up resist Poison for nasty breathers.
c. Turn Stone to Mud - Again a useful and much used Utlity spell.
d. Sense Surroundings - Used this all the time, liked having it. Made up for not having a light spell.
e. Lighting Strike - Main damage for many levels. It blowing up potions was not great, ended up doing that to some good potions. But, it was how I killed stuff, so that's how it went.
f. Earth Rising - Used along with Lightning strike when monsters were lined up or there was a potion I didn't want to AE. I found Lightning Strike to be overall better though.

Creature Dominion
a. Trance -- I think this is broken, it never worked for more than one turn when I tried it in L20-30ish range. Never went back to it.
b. Mass Sleep -- used it a couple of times. Nice to have, not game changing.
c. Become Pukel-Man -- Carried me through the mid level uniques, probably too powerful on the damage reduction, I shouldn't be able to kill the unique Trolls in melee with no healing and crappy melee. Less useful deeper with higher damage monsters, spell casters, and breathers.
d. Eagle's Flight -- used sometimes to run away, but didn't use much. Wasn't worth the cast usually for just running around.
e. Bear Form -- Used late game when meleeing - going from 4 to 5 blows plus the +hit and +dam was nice. There's no way for a 250 damage a cast meteor swarms to compete with a big weapon that slays dragons powerfully, once stats are maxed.

Nature Craft
a. Tremor -- Never used. I don't like earthquakes messing up the terrain.
b. Haste Self -- L25 spell, wonderful to have this
c. Revitalize -- Always lovely to have restore stats and life whenever I wanted.
d. Rapid Regeneration -- the only "Heal" spell for a druid. Rather disappointing actually. Healed less than a Healing potion as far as I could tell, and required another cast of Satisfy Hunger too. Used it before pulls sometimes, but it's effect was minimal I think.
e. Herbal Curing - I don't think I ever used it. I think by the time I could cast it at L40, I resisted everything it cured already.

Wild Forces
a. Meteor Swarm -- Great damage spell, not resistable. Mana cost was good. Had to watch it from destroying stuff.
b. Rift -- Didn't use it much, typically don't want to randomly blink stuff around, especially summoners. Didn't do more damage than Meteor Swarm, so was little point to it.
c. Ice Storm - great AoE for when you can use it, nice to clear rooms of weak stuff. But, casting this on a room full dangerous stuff just invites them all to cast and breath on you, so it didn't get much use, since I avoid that sort of exposure.
d. Volcanic Eruption - I don't like earthquake spells, so didn't use it.
e. River of Lightning - 250% the mana cost of Meteor Swarm for not much more damage than Meteor swarm. I didn't end up using it - again, I don't like to be in line of sight with that many bad guys deep in Angband.

Nozok November 1, 2019 22:38


Originally Posted by fph (Post 140962)
Nice boots!

Dang right, boots of speed with telepathy made my gearing decisions so much easier and more powerful.

Diego Gonzalez November 1, 2019 23:40

I agree with you about the spells. Used a lot rift, pukelman and bear forms.

I casted a few tines volcano, river of lightning and eagle form. The first two dont make too much damage.


Nick November 4, 2019 00:13

Thanks for the thorough review. Here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts about spells:
  • Confuse, Slow, Sleep - these are meant to be situationally useful, and thematic. May be worth noting that these are all now more likely to work but have lesser effects.
  • Pukel-Man - from your description that's working exactly as intended :)
  • Eagle - main intended use case was nabbing stuff quickly from vaults, don't know how useful it actually is.
  • Tremor - a matter of taste, mostly meant as a utility to break line of sight when needed.
  • Rapid Regeneration, Herbal Curing, River of Lightning - these probably need some work.
So, on the whole I'm pretty happy with how this class has gone in its first outing.

Diego Gonzalez November 4, 2019 00:32


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 140998)
[*]Confuse, Slow, Sleep - these are meant to be situationally useful, and thematic. May be worth noting that these are all now more likely to work but have lesser effects.

Slow is really useful. I used it with success against high level uniques, like the Tarrasque and others.

I really like druids, a good combination of melee and magic.

Ed_47569 November 6, 2019 21:02

My warriors now always carry a stack of rods of Slow Monster. In 4.2 they seem to work even against the highest unique monsters like Sauron. IIRC in 3.x versions of the game, they didn't work against ANY uniques, or most mid-high level monsters.

wobbly November 7, 2019 07:59

I played round the merry go round with eagle & fox on the smaller vaults and I remember grabbing a TO wand from the centre of a vault with 1 of them. They are both good kiting forms if you are using devices or a shooter, you have to keep changing (not so bad keymaped) but it doesn't matter if your damage source is not on your SPs.

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