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Ignatius October 4, 2009 09:27

Ring of open wounds
I've just started the new beta version and came across a new item.
A "Ring of open wounds"
It seems there are some changes to the character page to include using such an item, but it's descreption is quite confusing.
In short => what does a ring of open wounds do exactly?
(I'm not referring to the activating heal only to the effect of wearing it)

PowerDiver October 4, 2009 18:18

I think the idea is that the activation is good but the effect is bad, so perhaps it is like the opposite of regen, cutting your hp recovery in half. That's just a guess. I just squelch them.

What the heck, grep is easy. I might as well check. Seems I was right.

/* Some things slow it down */
if (p_ptr->state.impair_hp)
regen_amount /= 2;

Ignatius October 4, 2009 22:14

Thanks :-)

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