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Antoine September 24, 2016 18:48


Originally Posted by ranger jeff (Post 112978)
Lol I changed it as you first suggested and was fine. Though maybe I was just fortunate to not get drained before 1) getting a rod of detect doors/stairs/TRAPS, 2) getting a ring of might, and 3) potions of restoration starting to drop in the mid teens. Though I've also been playing archery (elves are better with missiles than melee, right?) so I probably didn't melee anything that could have drained me. Well, Ghosts, but who cares about WIS/INT with a fighter?

Honestly right now I'm finding the challenge of Minimal was all in the low levels. Sure I'm still playing cautiously, I'm sure one of the new monsters coming up will give me hell (Pit Fiends I hear, but I have rChaos, and red D's and chromatic D's are to be avoided to the end - yes I read the one ladder post that made it down to 48...) But for now I can plow though pretty much any lone monster without consuming any resources. And pits can be picked apart a few at a time. So my experience is, very tough start leads to cautious play, which leads to tedious level clearing in the mid-game. Probably not the right balance.

Keep trucking and we can take stock afterwards and figure out what needs changing?


ranger jeff September 26, 2016 04:23

Sure. And I spoke too soon, just decided Dracoliches are to be avoided after getting mana blasted 4 rounds in a row (at +23 speed) and having to use 3 !healings to keep above 500hp (its attacks seemed to be capable of over 400hp damage.) But they're kind of like that in Vanilla, too, a bit out of depth and definitely dangerous. Now if it dropped guaranteed up to six excellent objects...

debo October 6, 2016 02:04

Huge congrats to ranger jeff for taking comp 193, and for being the first-ever Minimal winner.

Kudos also to elliptic who took both 2nd and 3rd place.

Hopefully we see a release of the discussed minimal changes sometime in the next 4 years :-)

Antoine October 6, 2016 14:53

@debo - hmf! Greatness cannot be hurried

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