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CJNyfalt September 23, 2008 21:24


Originally Posted by andrewdoull (Post 10450)
Un has a clear sense of style and strong Tolkienian influence, particularly thanks to Bandobras, and design sensibilities indepted to Leon Marrick's influential thinking. It may not be a style you necessarily agree with, but you'll have to play that to find out. You may want to read my blog, Ascii Dreams, to get a feel for what I'm trying to achieve - the Unangband dungeon generation article is probably the best place to start.

I'm in process of reading the blog right now. Added a comment on the elements part of the magic system discussion.

CJNyfalt September 28, 2008 19:54

So, played again the the characters after a break. Progressing slowly. Had two deaths, the priest that didn't have the power to kill Lagduf and the necro that ran into a summon trap that produced a lot or rogues, including Wormtongue.

Right now there are two main annoyances, small inventory that slows down diving and stores that are out to stuff.

To fix these two, I consider the following changes:
- Instant, (or near instant pseudo-id). Quality squelching for pseudo-ided items.
- Making some items guaranteed in stores. (!CCW, ?WoR, ?Id, ?Tport, !RestoreStatX, oil, food, ....)

CJNyfalt October 1, 2008 18:18

Managed to get my necro down to 500' and leveled to 20.
Noticed that Channeling, which I picked at lvl 20, gave an extra +9 clvl contribution to spells at full mana. As for items, I now have res Acid, Cold and Elec. Now the real fun starts with this character. :D

CJNyfalt October 2, 2008 18:18

Got the druid leveled up 20, and down to 500', nothing interesting to report about that character.

As for my priest which I felt was unlucky, because she has not found any restore strength in town for a long time, suddenly had Wormtongue drop a blessed falchion. +2 Wis is nice, but nothing special, the good thing was when she started seeing monsters she didn't have LOS to. Yes, it had ESP. :D Found a sling of accuracy soon after that.

My mage found a good ego helm with see invisibility and res blindness earlier.

As for which spellcaster I like the best:
- Mage is probably the best all-round.
- Druid has good utility, but lacks good Area of Effect offensive.
- Necromancers has great offensive, but lacks in utility.
- Priests are lacking in offensive spells, but have good hand-to-hand.

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