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Sky January 27, 2017 20:46

"something commands you to go away"
how do i deal with nexus qultlyug (or whatever they are called) when they keep sending me away? how does this thing work, exactly? is there a saving throw, is it on a percentage, is there any resistance to this? do amulets of inertia prevent the teleport?

Pondlife January 27, 2017 21:44

My preferred methods:

1. catch them round a corner with a ball-effect spell; or
2. get the drop on them and command them to go away with TO.

For #2 you need to be quicker than them, or lucky.

Sky January 27, 2017 21:48

well sod it, i left the level. couldn't get past this stupid nexus thing in a vault.

Pete Mack January 27, 2017 21:54

Abandoning is a good technique too, especially if you are at normal speed. Indirect ball spell or tunneling to a knight' move are pretty much the only other options then.

Huqhox January 30, 2017 13:46

I've always thought that rNexus really ought to provide some resistance to this, perhaps a saving throw or flat 50% chance to resist or something

On the flipside, any monster with rNexus should also get the same from TO

MattB January 30, 2017 20:15

As has been said before (Timo, I think), Nexus Quylthulgs should really be renamed Blink Quylthulgs as what they do, whatever it is, ain't nexus.

Sky January 30, 2017 22:38

mouth of sauron OOD at DL35, i recall back right next to him, and fail to use my staff of teleportation ...

level feeling: 4-9

yeah right

oh btw, did you know that (blessed) weapons can have ESP ??

Huqhox February 1, 2017 14:02


Originally Posted by MattB (Post 117650)
As has been said before (Timo, I think), Nexus Quylthulgs should really be renamed Blink Quylthulgs as what they do, whatever it is, ain't nexus.

I think the issue not their name but that they are annoying with no effective means of mitigating their attack if they are positioned e.g at the end of a long corridor which is the only access to an area of the dungeon.

If rNexus at least reduced the chance of an effective attack by them to a manageable level then it would add an extra tactical dimension and even allow other monsters with the same attack to be more common

I also like the idea of having monsters with rNexus being resistant to TO; again a topic that has been discussed many times is how to reduce the effectiveness of TO without making it effectively useless.

It seems to be that here's a nice fit of Nexus = Teleport which can solve two problems in one go in an obvious way that ties in really well with the existing mechanics

Sky February 1, 2017 14:49

I'm ok mobs being able to resist TO, and would be happy if rNexus helped against teleports (a nexus hound made me leave a 8-8 yesterday...) just as long as @ and mobs dont follow the same rules .. we can't breathe fire for 1600, we should get some bonuses on the TO. I propose a level-based save for players with rNexus.

Derakon February 1, 2017 16:39


Originally Posted by Sky (Post 117690)
would be happy if rNexus helped against teleports (a nexus hound made me leave a 8-8 yesterday...)

Resisting nexus does protect you against the teleporting effects of a nexus-elemental attack, just like resisting shards protects you from being cut by a shards-elemental attack, and resisting sound prevents you from being stunned by a sound-elemental attack. However, none of the elemental resists should provide any ancillary benefits not related to their element. Resist shards should not protect you from being cut in general, nor resist sound protect you from being stunned in general.

They used to, which a) made such resists overly useful, and b) was misleading/confusing for people that didn't know about the implicit benefits the resists had. But awhile back those got split out, so now we have pStun and pConf (I don't recall if we have a pCut though). Likewise with teleportation: if players want a way to resist being teleported by other monsters, then the mechanism of that should be a "pTele" flag or something, an additional flag that you might rarely find on some items. And we could make an amulet or ring that has that as an ability. It's not a very good ability, though, so I'm hard-pressed to think of a situation where I'd use one, aside from "there's a Nexus Quylthulg in an annoying position on this level and the level also happened to generate the pTele item I can wear as a swap for the few turns it takes to kill the quylthulg."

Really, if you want a way to deal with Nexus Quylthulgs, just have a reasonably strong ranged attack and be fast. They don't have much HP, and they don't always cast spells -- and sometimes they teleport themselves instead of the player. There's no pressing need to give the player even more tools to deal with problems just because you sometimes get inconvenienced in your dungeon explorations. :)

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