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Sphara October 26, 2021 06:08

Ah, ok. It was all about finding an early speed item :D
Thanks for the answer.

wobbly October 26, 2021 06:54

Turncount is particularly unsuited to FA. You gain a bunch of turns teleporting across wilderness for instance. I support whatever scoring system places MITZE last. Maybe penalties for capital letters.

Sideways October 26, 2021 17:15

I didn't find any early speed items either; although I did find some other lucky kit right at the start while stairscumming Ossiriand 8; which is a game-turn-efficient strategy because climbing stairs consumes zero game turns in FA (and wilderness stairs are still connected even with connected stairs turned off).
And I lucked into the second nature book - which is a major difference-maker because of endless tempspeed - somewhere around CL30-33.

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