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CyclopsSlayer May 1, 2019 23:26


Originally Posted by Sideways (Post 138167)
Does your frogcomposband.ini look normal, especially with regard to Term-0?

Here is the Term 0 settings. That X,Y location, is the window WAY offscreen?

Font=Lucida Console

Edit: Reset Position to 0, 0 and the main is back. No clue how it got moved there.

Blinkhog May 7, 2019 11:07

So I finally managed to get a win in coffeebreak mode after my failed warrior with this paladin
(the dump from after retiring wouldn't upload, said invalid variant or something)

Was very fun.

I want to try with a magical character, but I'm not sure if any are viable.
In between melee builds I tried mindcrafters, which I got to CL50 but found with only 300/turn damage from powers that won't work on later dungeon levels let alone the final boss.

I was thinking maybe armageddon/life or armageddon/nature mage, or armageddon high mage? I haven't found the fourth spellbook for armageddon yet but I'm assuming it contains some high damage spells? Like if I can't dish out at least 700 damage/turn then I think the serpent is unkillable.

Or maybe device master? If there are multipliers for device damage then the damage output there could be okay too.

HugoTheGreat2011 May 7, 2019 11:15

Append the winning character dump on here and maybe rodent/Sideways can determine why uploading it doesn't work

Blinkhog May 7, 2019 11:52


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 138275)
Append the winning character dump on here and maybe rodent/Sideways can determine why uploading it doesn't work

Here it be

wobbly May 7, 2019 12:43

All those mages sound good. However for armagedon/not-sorcery consider chaos/other realm as that will give you teleport other, destruct & recharge.

Bostock May 7, 2019 14:27

I don't know about mindcrafters specifically, as I haven't played them yet, but mage builds overall tend to have very good endgames. You don't have as much max damage as a typical warrior, but you're very much on par once you consider that your damage output is multiplied (i.e. downgraded) by a 95% or even 100% success rate rather than warriors' typical 60-70% hit-rate for AC 200 (the AC for the final boss). (60-70% figure taken from the THAC200s for my last four winners to have meleed the J.)

Sideways May 7, 2019 19:09


Not sure why your dump wouldn't upload (it looks normal; I'd try uploading it myself, but I don't dare in case it turned out to work after all, in which case the character would be successfully uploaded under my name).

The most common upload error is if you try to upload a .txt dump, or some other non-HTML dump; but since your dump clearly is a HTML one that can't be the problem, unless you dumped it as both .txt and .html and accidentally tried to upload the text version.

Bostock May 9, 2019 20:31

Longwalk-attack working even when confused
I've set up a longwalk-attack keymap (in light of my targetting settings it's "[,"), and out of curiosity I tried it when confused today. I was able to flawlessly navigate to my victim and attack them. Tried the same thing manually, worked too. All on the version.

Gwarl May 10, 2019 00:39


Originally Posted by Bostock (Post 138327)
I've set up a longwalk-attack keymap

I weep for ;*t


Gwarl May 10, 2019 01:30

discussion with bostock has revealed that this fundementally breaks confusion as a bug. you can map your arrow keys to `n instead of ;n and walk around and bump things perfectly well while confused.

probably best to just add longwalking to the list of actions you can't take while confused.

as a historical note you have always been able to walk in whatever direction you wished while confused even in poschengband, since whenever whoever imported the function from xband. not sure how many variants it goes back. but the problem was aggravated when I made some changes in early composband which allowed players to attack monsters during longwalking.

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