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bron May 14, 2014 03:20

Bug with "no artefacts"
My current character is running with no-artefacts turned on, but I just had an artefact get generated anyway:

  Turn    Depth  Note
      1    50 ft  Challenge: No artefacts
      1    50 ft  (Power)
      1    50 ft  (Versatility)
      1    50 ft  (Flaming Arrows)
      1    50 ft  (Dexterity)
      1    50 ft  (Lore-Keeper)
      1    50 ft  (Lore-Master)
      1    50 ft  (Hardiness)
      1    50 ft  (Poison Resistance)
      1    50 ft  (Weaponsmith)
      1    50 ft  (Jeweller)
      1    50 ft  (Enchantment)
      1    50 ft  (Artifice)
      1    50 ft  (Song of Slaying)
      1    50 ft  (Song of Aule)
      1    50 ft  (Song of Sharpness)
    711    100 ft  Made a Lesser Jewel of Grace <+1>  0.1 lb
    865    100 ft  Made a Longsword of Doriath (+0,2d5) [+1]  3.0 lb
  1,090    100 ft  Made a Longbow of Nargothrond (+0,2d5)  3.0 lb
  1,186    150 ft  Found The Filthy Rag of Dungalef

There are a number of unusual features of this; I don't know which (if any) are significant:

This is a "45k experience" challenge character, which means I entered "wizard mode" to boost the starting exp. on turn zero.

I set the "no artefacts" flag on turn zero, rather than during character creation.

The artefact came from a chest, rather than being found on the ground.

I got to this point in the game in a continuous run. I had not quit/saved/restarted the character since I set the option.

Checking the "challenge options" menu claims that "no artefacts" is (still) in effect.

I have run a number of no-artefact characters in the past, and have not seen this. I am reasonably certain that all the other times I've played no-artefacts, I set the option during character creation rather than on turn zero, so I'm guessing that's the issue. I have no proof of this however.

debo May 14, 2014 04:21

Yeah I'm pretty sure noarts is a birth option.

bron May 14, 2014 05:10

That would be fine, except that the "Challenge Options" menu specifically says "Challenge Options can only be altered during character creation or on the very first turn", and the game allows you to change the options on the first turn, and refuses to let you alter these options after the first turn. If the solution is to require that the option has to be set during character creation, I'm fine with that. But then the wording on the menu needs to change, and the game should not allow you to change the options on the first turn.

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