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Mondkalb March 25, 2019 14:45


Originally Posted by gglibertine (Post 136994)
So Nick, should we be referring to you as 'Huge Nick' now? ;)

Nick "The Butcher" will do. :D

Glorfindel March 27, 2019 06:10

I would also like to thank both Nick and tangar for concluding this mess like gentlemen, and to congratulate them on it. This thread has been grim reading, perhaps made even less comfortable by my taking it all in a day, as I read through the various threads on people's ideas for the next edition of Angband, but I am relieved to see it end on this note. I hope it's over, anyway.

tangar March 16, 2020 11:18

Right now (year later after discussions happened above) I'm porting new Angband monsters to my variant (which based at PWMAngband which already ported V monsters).

There is a very elegant way to preserve legacy and port new stuff. Lets take brown yeek as example:

Instead of just replacing brown yeek with new (and awesome!) monster terrified yeek - I've just added new terrified yeek near by and made brown yeek appear with higher `rarity' (and also made him a bit more dangerous).

It means that most of the time player will meet new terrified yeek, but sometimes, in very rare cases, they will meet brown yeek which will be as 'ego-monster' (my old dream, suggestion: ). Meeting brown yeek - will be quite nostalgic for some players :) ..and the same way - not boring (lore explanation: brown yeeks are yeeks from ancient times, so they've become a bit stronger due evolution hehe)

So instead of removing legacy monsters - I've made them a bit more powerful and at the same time very rare to meet. But there are there!

The same thing to groups; eg some new boss has:
HTML Code:

friends:50:2d6:terrified yeek:servant
we make it:
HTML Code:

friends:45:2d6:terrified yeek:servant
friends:5:2d6:brown yeek:servant

Nice compromise :) It keeps a respect to all previous maintainers and community who introduced their monsters in old times... Just reduce chance to spawn them and that's it.

wobbly March 27, 2020 08:23

The ancient brown yeek breathes confusion. You die.

Not sure what changes you made but the Sangband version is a hedge mage with the confusion spell. I'm planning on using them for jb.

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