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GrimaTheBold September 17, 2020 23:35

Shop Inventory (Frog)
I'm curious if others feel its frustrating how often shops don't have low-level fundamental items like !Curing, !Sight, ?Phase Door, !Resist Heat/Cold, beginner spellbooks, etc., and how long it takes for shops to restock?

I think I get the idea in theory - not being able to always find these items requires the player to have to improvise on how to survive without them. But what it means in practice - my lower-level characters spend a lot of time mining for gold so they can afford the $7000 to get a shop to Shuffle their inventory because they don't want to dive further without these items. Which ends up being kind of tedious. That is if the shop isn't out of stock on Treasure Detection!

Do others feel this way or just me? And is there some trick to getting shops to restock that I don't know of? I've tried bringing a bunch of food down in the dungeon with me and waiting thousands and thousands of turns, but I can't tell if that does anything.

archolewa September 18, 2020 01:11

I find it mildly annoying when playing a Rage Mage, since you can only learn one spell per book, so you end up buying a *lot* of copies of the starting two books. It's really annoying when you get enough money to buy a couple more spell books, only to find the shop doesn't have any.

Now, it can be mitigated by teleporting to one of the other towns through the inn, and they usually have what I want, so it's not a *big* deal.

It also means that I end up with a pretty large stockpile of CSW and CCW potions, since I always snatch all those up if I can afford them, precisely because they're not guaranteed to be there.

I generally agree that it adds a slight amount of tedium to the game, and doesn't really contribute anything.

GrimaTheBold September 18, 2020 03:14


Originally Posted by archolewa (Post 148414)
Now, it can be mitigated by teleporting to one of the other towns through the inn, and they usually have what I want, so it's not a *big* deal.

I only play coffee-break mode - I should have mentioned that in my post. So there's no option to teleport to other towns unfortunately.

Oh well, it's not a deal-breaker, just an annoyance.

budswell September 26, 2020 17:27

You don't necessarily need to go down in the dungeon, can just rest in town for a couple of days. R9999 and keep eating re-filling lantern as required

Thraalbee September 26, 2020 17:48

Resting multiple days/nights in the Inn also has some restocking effect but not on the BM

budswell October 12, 2020 06:58

For me its Illumination. One char had to live without it until the garuanteed one for orc quest. Big rooms are horrible without it

Seraphimus October 14, 2020 00:00

one of my biggest reasons for putting Frog down was the number of important basic potions and scrolls that can't be found in town shops, ever.

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