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bio_hazard September 17, 2009 19:02

I just found Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I like it- mainly because it is so easy to use. Auto-explore, go-to on map. It's pretty fast paced (especially since I'm still at the 'die early and often' part of the learning curve). A different blend of complexity and simplicity than Angband- more dungeons, religion, magic, etc, but seems like fewer monsters, only three stats instead of 6.

ekolis September 17, 2009 19:45

Ah yes, DCSS... I love that game! :D The variety of races and classes puts even Zangband to shame, and it's still in very active development, and it's pretty well balanced for all the nifty features!

Now is it just me or when I play a berserker, and I hit the ^ key to see details of my religion, am I weird to be disappointed to not see things like "Trog *ADORES* the use of fire magic vs. peasants"? :P

buzzkill January 15, 2010 14:28

I just ran across this in another forum. If you're a Tetris fan, play it, if only once.

Stupid fun -->> First Person Tetris

Seany C January 15, 2010 15:19

Ooh, that's not a good thing to watch if you're all flu'ed up. Time to hit the paracetamol again...

(full marks for surprise factor - I thought it would be a top-down block's-eye-view of the pit)

Atarlost March 13, 2010 01:59

Nethack inspired 2d space shooter Transcendence just broke 1.0.

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