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Neil Stevens May 13, 2007 05:34


Originally Posted by Wolfechu (Post 451)
I was thinking more non-roguelike stuff, but... Huge devotee of Nethack, although burned out on it at the moment, have only two classes I've never ascended. Had long on and off romances with ADOM and Crawl, DoomRL is good fun for half an hour, and Dwarf Fortress is fascinating when I'm on a PC with the power to handle it.

A game I'm watching as it develops, and probalby will borrow features from for E-Team, is Warp Rogue. It still feels a bit sparse as the developer adds features, and some graphics would be nice, but it's getting there.

Konstantin May 19, 2007 12:54

I play Dota =)

Mondkalb May 21, 2007 13:41

I have been a big fan of the "Heroes of Might & Magic" series from the very beginning in 1994. So I am still playing the new "Heroes of Might & Magic V" with the addon "Hammers of Fate" and can't await the forthcoming next addon "Tribes of the East".
I am also playing Oblivion with addons as I played Morrowind for a very long time.
Every now and then I start a game of "Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic" or "Civilization IV".

Neil Stevens May 22, 2007 02:51

By the way, two games that I think have a clear Angband influence, even if it's not immediately obvious: La Pucelle and Disgaea.

will_asher May 22, 2007 23:26

I played Nethack for a long time before learning about Angband.
Nethack, Angband, and Kingdom of Loathing, is a pretty much complete list of computers games I play nowadays (for the past few years).
I tried Crawl. It seemed cool, but I figured I'd win Nethack again (which I've only won once), and win at Angband at least once before I got into another roguelike game.

I'm also been burned out for Nethack for about the past year or so, both games have their advantages, but the main thing for me is that in Nethack you have to think a lot more and be super careful, and in Angband you don't have to think quite as much, so it's more relaxing to play.

K.I.L.E.R June 10, 2007 17:08

Nethack. :lol:

Daniel Fishman June 13, 2007 17:36

At the moment I'm playing DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death). It's a puzzle game with some story possibilities and lots of user-created puzzles.

andrewdoull June 13, 2007 22:54


Originally Posted by Daniel Fishman (Post 1048)
At the moment I'm playing DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death). It's a puzzle game with some story possibilities and lots of user-created puzzles.

And Eytan Zweig. We want him back!

Magnate June 15, 2007 16:41

After several years off, I've got seriously back into VGA Planets in the past year or two (v3, of course) - largely due to the advent of PHost4. Other games I'm about to play as soon as I stop playing VGAP or *band for one minute are Dominions 3 and Sword of the Stars.

ekolis June 15, 2007 19:31

Ah, you are the same Magnate from the Shrapnel forums? I thought the name sounded familiar... :)

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