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Keeper June 18, 2007 22:04

ATM I'm playing for PS2: ICO and Naruto Uzumaki chronicles and for PC Shot Online, Maple Story, Gunbound and occasionally Oblivion.
I just had too much fun playing Katamari and Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 :D

Magnate June 19, 2007 09:52


Originally Posted by ekolis (Post 1083)
Ah, you are the same Magnate from the Shrapnel forums? I thought the name sounded familiar... :)

Yes, I am - greetings. I've not been there for a year or two though, since I stopped playing Dom2 and haven't yet got into Dom3. I didn't think it was possible for any game to be more difficult than Dom2, but they seem to have managed it.


Elsairon June 22, 2007 15:44

Computer: Diablo 1 & 2, Oblivion, Wasteland.

Table-top: Games like Barbarian Prince, some in dev table-top games. I prefer games single player randomized.. kind of like roguelikes but without a computer.

Daven_26d1 June 30, 2007 05:10

...adom, adom, adom!

Adom is easily my favourite roguelike, but because its so mindnumbingly gutting to lose a high level character, I only play it about 3-4 times a year, for a couple of weeks until I get something really good going and then lose it.

*band rocks because its easier to pick up a char a week later and not screw up because you forgot how to play him/her. Also I get over dying a lot easier in angband.

Yeah, I spent a lot of my teenage years playing the the Elite series too...:D

pav July 6, 2007 17:42

Actually, the game that introduced me to the roguelike genre (before I even knew there was such a genre) was Castle of the Winds. Windows 3.11 shareware game back from 1989. Trivia page.

Did anybody else played this?

ekolis July 6, 2007 18:14

Oh, yeah, CotW! I remember that one! :D

Nick July 6, 2007 23:26


Originally Posted by pav (Post 1361)
Actually, the game that introduced me to the roguelike genre (before I even knew there was such a genre) was Castle of the Winds.

Ditto for me - in fact, I've only just realised now that that was a roguelike...

Atarlost July 7, 2007 16:10

Yep. It's a rougelike in the most important sense: random dungeons. Except for the top level of each dungeon and levels with plot events, and the surface I all the levels were random. I remember the generator had this wierd fluke of placing secret doors at the dead ends of corridors.

And yes, it was my first rougelike too. Probably the spiritual forerunner to Andband TK.

Hard Nova October 19, 2007 04:12


Originally Posted by Wolfechu (Post 451)
Legend of the Green Dragon, at Based on the old old Telnet game Legend of the Red Dragon, now web-based, and jolly good fun.

LOL.. "sadistic teacher attacks you with long fingernails on a chalk board!" :D
Nice game.

About me, my favourite game (and favourite roguelike as well) is Adom (

Mondkalb October 19, 2007 11:46

I am currently very hooked to "Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlods" which I got for my NDS and now for the PC too.
The Game is also available for XBLA and PSP.

Check out the PC-Demo at
and the Forums:
(here's a review at ign:

The game is an unique genre mix, combining some RPG elements with the addictive charm of a "Bejeweled" style game which is the main part of the game.
The concept of matching three or more gems in a row is used in many different ways: It represents the battle field where you fight foes, it is used to capture enemies, train mounts, forge items and research spells.
There are red, blue, yellow, and green gems which are related to fire, water, air, and earth magic. You can use spells for dealing direct damage or alter the board, getting another turn and such.
Direct damage on the board is done by matching three or more skulls.
There are also purple gems which give you experience points, and gold coins to get ... gold coins.
When capturing enemies you must solve a board that is set up for a puzzle. Forging items requires to destroy another sort of symbols, representing hammer and anvil. But before you have to find runes on the world map which are guarded by powerful creatures.
Researching spells form captured enemies requires to destroy a certain number of scroll symbols and related mana gems.
To do all this you have to build up structures in your fortress with the gold you have earned in battles and for finishing tasks.
You can also buy items in shops or gain them for fulfilled quests (four different items can be worn to assist your hero in battle).
Some of the people and creatures you meet will join you on your quest and support you in battle.
You can even siege cities and villages on the map. This will earn you more money and grant you access to your fortress services from the besieged places.

Doesn't sound very appealing? Just check out the demo! ;)

The good versus evil story isn't very unique - just but a frame for the whole game. It suits very much for casual game which comes for an appropriate price of ~20$.

The games has also earned a lot of good ratings all about 9 out of 10.

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