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Dragonboneman October 19, 2007 21:28

I just had a "quick" go on the PC demo, which lasted about four hours. Great stuff, thanks for recommending it.

Mondkalb October 20, 2007 05:41

Maybe I should have included a more obvious warning. ;)

Dragonboneman October 20, 2007 16:35

Yeah, maybe. I downloaded the full version this morning and that's been my day, basically.

Mondkalb October 20, 2007 17:34

Wasn't a bad day then, I hope. ^^

They did a good job in making the game very rewarding. No penalties for loosing battles. Always something new to do around the corner. :D

Keeper November 13, 2007 08:57

... and nobody tried Hellgate: London?
I bought it last friday and can't stop playing it!
It's almost like playing Diablo 3 :D

HallucinationMushroom November 13, 2007 13:17

I got Hellgate and the Witcher at the same time and I'm having so much fun playing the Witcher (and entroband) that I haven't got past character level 7 in Hellgate.

Seany C November 13, 2007 13:29

>>... and nobody tried Hellgate: London?

Is this a game? It sounds more like a documentary... :)

Matthias November 13, 2007 14:59

@hellgate: I tried the demo (I know it isn't representive), and I guess I would like to play it more. But my PC can only play it on the lower settings, plus If I had it, I would want to play online, and would chose the 10€/month version not this half of a deal free mode. Add to that the fact that the bug rate is still kind of high, so I don't see myself buying this game anytime soon.

I'll get Mario Galaxy instead when it comes out later this month, and maybe guitar hero III if they fix the no sterio bug in the european Wii version.

Keeper November 13, 2007 16:34

I played full time Hellgate: London in these days and the only bug I found was that sometimes the player gets stuck in certain places (to avoid it just don't jump around like I do every time I play ;) )
The are minor differences between free and mothly fee version:
In free version you can have only 3 characters (24 if you pay), you can't create guild but you can join them, you can't have certain items (which they should change only visually, not in power) and may be something else.
The game game is fully playable off-line and I didn't found any kind of limitation yet.
The demo is too short though to allow a real valutation of it.

pav November 13, 2007 17:28

You say Diablo 3? Now you got me really interested.

Pav checks screenshots.

What, no isometric hand drawn view? Bah. Pav dont want.

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