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PowerWyrm March 1, 2019 12:57

PWMAngband 1.2.0 released
For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.1.4 with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release is a major release… without major content :D

See for the downloads.

On a side note, MAngband forums are back up, so I will also post the release there.

To play on a PWMAngband server or start your own server, download the binaries and unzip the files (client and server are both in the same zip file now). And enjoy!

PowerWyrm March 1, 2019 12:58

Here's the complete changelist since 1.1.12:

User interface

MAngband 1.1.4:

- Add player level, class and race to death message


- Use account password for all characters associated with that account
- Remove "change password" feature from character description screen
- Allow "glyph:terrain name:symbol" format in font-xxx.prf to specify
default attribute for all lighting effects
- Reduce the allowed minimum size of subterms to a fifth of the maximal
size (16x4)
- Add 16x24tx.fon, 21x31tg.fon and 24x36tg.fon from Tangar
- Stop treating back-quote as escape
- New fire-till-kill option (MAngband submenu)
- New option "disturb_faint" (MAngband submenu) to enable or disable automatic
disconnection if starving while at full hps (false by default)
- Add a basic framework for autoinscriptions
- Change inscription for player to '#P'
- Change inscription for recall to '#R'
- Add [Escape] by default at the beginning of the keymap when creating
a new keymap
- Display a message when monks get encumbered by armor
- New command in stores: Browse a book ('b') or Peruse a book ('P')

Gameplay changes

MAngband 1.1.4:

- Make server save 10 minutes interval by default
- Don't try to auto retaliate when afraid
- Characters that permanently die drop nothing upon death
- Add potions of Healing in the Temple (with high rarity and price factor)


- Make maximum number of characters per account a server option
- Lower Expensive Black Market price factor from 10x to 8x
- Increase the number of items that can be ordered in the Expensive Black Market
from 6 to 8
- Implement fire-till-kill mode for "fire at nearest" command
- Implement fire-till-kill mode for spells
- Remove score bonuses from challenge options
- Add more birth options to server configuration file (no artifacts,
no selling, no stores)
- Add chance of generating "good" and "great" items in constant.txt
- Add "fast" wilderness mode via DIVING_MODE server option to make everyone
aware of the location of the base town (Carn Dûm) at birth
- Make players without birth_start_kit set start with an amount of gold
at least equal to the value of the items they don't get
- Make Deep Nights only empty the lights of hostile players
- Give players starting food/light for free no matter if birth_start_kit is set
or not
- Remove all trading restrictions between players when no_selling is set
- Add customizable experience penalty to each dragon breed
- Tweak commonness of dragon breeds to make better ones rarer, make ethereal
drake much rarer
- Make white/blue/red/black dragons immune to cold/lightning/fire/acid
- Make Ents vulnerable to fire but decrease their experience penalty a bit
- Make permanent wraithform drain hp and prevent regeneration while
the wraithed player stands inside non-passable terrain
- Rebalance player invisibility a bit, nerf permanent invisibility (except
for ghosts)
- Make wraithform and invisibility consume a lot of food
- Change Shapechangers' AC formula from (equip + race / 2) to
MAX((equip + race) / 2, equip)
- Add Black Breath

Bugs fixed


- Reposition and resize the chat line properly when the chat window is resized
- Fix 32bit builds of the Windows client
- Allow looking and targeting with roguelike keyset
- Allow lowercase Dungeon Master names in mangband.cfg
- Fix incorrect options/ignore packets crashing the server
- Fix scene of death in character dumps when using tiles
- Fix client not displaying the last messages before death
- Fix description when looking at a player and pressing 'r'
- Fix Dungeon Master not having full ESP on LIMITED_ESP servers
- Fix crash when flickering multi-hued players, party leaders and elementalists
- Fix bolt/ball/breath spells not damaging wraithed players
- Replace "in the town" by "on the surface" when a character is killed
outside of the dungeon

Coding changes


- Allow the console to run from PuTTY via Telnet
- Move dragon breed info to dragon_breed.txt
- Allow customized maps for each town except base town (Carn Dûm),
set MAngband-style town by default if the corresponding town_xxx.txt file
doesn't exist
- Allow one dungeon in each customized town
- Add parser errors for trying to add a "normal" or "always" entry
for Black Markets in store.txt
- Add rarity and price factor to "normal" entries in store.txt


- Add a debug version of the server executable which generates a mangband.rpt
file when a crash occurs
- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.36

PowerWyrm March 1, 2019 14:51

Page on Roguebasin also updated.

PowerWyrm March 29, 2019 18:13

New PWMAngband 1.2.0 build 2 relased!

Mainly to add the new 255x255 character model for custom towns.

List of changes:

- Make book realms struct magic_realm
- Give spells a realm
- Remove class realms, replace class spellcasting stat with average of spellcasting stats
- Remove obsolete PRAY packet, use CAST instead
- Move books from object.txt to class.txt
- Add drop-base to monster.txt
- Monsters with "drop-base" drop random book based on depth
- Rename House of Arcanes to Bookseller
- Redesign town_feat.txt and town_xxx.txt files to allow 255x255 different tiles in towns

See for the downloads.

tangar March 29, 2019 20:47


tangar April 5, 2019 23:41

1 Attachment(s)
when look at terrain objects (l -> p) it show objects names... and in tileset there are loads of objects with names like eg:
'obj_grass r provision'
'obj_grass s provision'
'obj_grass t provision'
this is 3 different graphical tiles

so (l -> p) show such names:

Is it possible to implement: to show desc. field for 'look' command for terrain objects? so for example, when player look at obj_grass t provision, game would show this: A pile of goods and provision.

it would be fun to show terrain objects description, cause it could show lore, eg

HTML Code:

name:obj_grass i graves
desc:A tiny graves.. Looks like halflings buried there.

name:obj_grass c sealed portal
desc:A sealed portal. How to get inside?

ideally databases should have ID (for DB only purposes) and 'name'.. we got the same value for both cases.


TiledToAngbandExport: new version

tangar April 6, 2019 22:45

1 Attachment(s)
/bug (?): after certain point (starting with 'floor d hills') tileset do not show appropriate tiles

Gamepackage to reproduce problem:

PowerWyrm April 8, 2019 13:44

Ok, found the problem. The terrain "floor d hills" is exactly number 256 in the f_info feature array. This means somewhere there's some coordinates stored in a "byte", so instead of feature 256 it loops back to feature 0. i'll fix that.

PowerWyrm April 8, 2019 14:55

Fixed in next version.

tangar April 8, 2019 16:56

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