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schatz February 20, 2021 06:58


Originally Posted by SethaWetha (Post 148252)
I signed up and didn't receive a verification email. I can't login with the username/password I used either.

Can you try with an email address from a different domain? Or look for the verification email in your spam folder? I think the domain has very low traffic and so may not get through to some email providers.

ShadowTechnology February 22, 2021 02:05

Good to see you back here after nearly a year Schatz. Thank you for your continued support of the Optimizer. I use it all the time.

Zabutor April 22, 2022 00:17

Optimiser finds zero items for html dump
Thanks for you labors! Unfortunately I get no joy from using it. It seems to not be parsing my html file at all. My user name is "Zabutor" on there, and I'm happy to send my html dump or it can be found on live:

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