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Meatshield October 7, 2007 20:27

Using Old Version: What Have I Missed?
Hey all. I've played Angband on and off for years now though I've never been particularly successful. My best character was a level 28 dunadan warrior. Got killed while blinded, confused, and stunned by a dark hound of all things while being utterly destroyed by Uvatha, but that's besides the point.

I've been playing Tim Baker's Tk version (2.9.2r2) forever and have heard talk about new monsters, items, etc. I find the UI and the options available to be such a vast improvement over "vanilla" vanilla Angband that I haven't been able to return to the old UI.

Now that I've looked at the development history since then I'm intrigued about the newest version. I know there is "new stuff" like monsters and artifacts (which I rarely found anyway) but what is there specifically? Stuff like the new kobold race is nice but it will probably take a bit for me to bite the bullet and venture back into the "vanilla" UI.

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