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Ingwe Ingweron October 20, 2016 19:00

Questions about default User Options
Just wondering about some of the default user options, and why the default is set one way, rather than the other. What do most people play with, and why?

For example:

"Always pickup items matching inventory" is toggled YES, by default. I always change this to NO. I don't want to pick up every torch, flask of oil, shot, bolt, or arrow, etc. It wastes time having to drop them. Do other people find the automatic pickup helpful, and why?

"Allow mouse clicks to move player" it toggled YES, by default. I always change this to NO. I use the mouse most often to "look" at a particular place, object, or monster, not to move. The default setting just moves my @ into trouble unintentionally. How do other people use this setting?

How do people use the other defaults? What do you change?

Estie October 20, 2016 20:31

I leave matching pickup at yes. Why wouldnt I want to ? If I use torches, I probably want to pick up the ones I find, once I have a lantern, I squelch torches anyway. But most importantly, this option gets me back my ammo without any inscribing - I rarely inscribe ammo.

Mouse move is at "no"; I dont use the mouse at all, and dont want to accidentally cause disatster by clicking.

Old target by default I switch to "yes", habit for macros I suppose; either setting works, but the macros are different. This way, pressing h - enter shoots at nearest, while f-enter uses old target.

Show walls as blocks: yes (ascii mode)

Center map: yes

Show uniques in purple: yes

Auto-clear "more" prompts: yes, I have an extra subwindow for messages

Notify on object recharge: yes; I often press the rest macro when waiting for a rod to recharge. I dont care about turn count, only about click efficiency.

Everything not mentioned here stays on default.

Mudd October 21, 2016 19:16

I leave it at default pretty much.

The only annoyance I've noticed with Auto pickup is re dropping MB's I've dropped and then stepped over.

Might have to turn on purple uniques - that sounds useful!

Haven't bothered with squelching items either.

Nick October 21, 2016 23:24

I switch to pickup everything, and hybrid walls, and sometimes notify on recharge.

Sky October 22, 2016 02:05

you pick up a staff of teleportation. you have 39 staves of teleportation.

occasionally you might want to drop one of those 21 rods of teleport other, but it's pretty solid the way it works no. Use squelch.

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