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Sky November 18, 2019 22:51

Sky's Checklist Pt.1 - Dunedain
1. Dunadan Warrior:

2. Dunadan Mage:

3. Dunadan Priest:

4. Dunadan Paladin:

5. Dunadan Rogue:

6. Dunadan Ranger:

Dunedain are complete.

Derakon November 18, 2019 23:23

Are you doing a "win with every race/class combo" challenge? Good luck!

Sky November 23, 2019 10:30

dunedain rogue, 1st one dead at CL15 by the hand of a miserable priest, second dead at CL19 from a LF 8-5 death knight highing behind a black knight and i was within !phase of a hydra pit.
just say you want me to die?

edit: and another killed by Mugash and not-noticing-it-was-Mugash.

Sky November 25, 2019 08:16

ok, a couple recommendations to @Nick when it comes to traps,

1. 300 damage from a rock fall is waaay too high
2. maybe, summon traps should summon mobs at 0 energy. it's not really cool to have a dracolich appear and breathe in the same round.

Sky November 26, 2019 20:12

3. Dunadan Priest:

would have been quicker were it not for the aforementioned instadeaths.

Sky November 26, 2019 20:47

i'm doing the ranger now, and a acolyte just dropped Kelek on DL4.

AND the weaponsmith had a light crossbow of haradrim.

Nick November 26, 2019 20:51

Out of curiosity, why 4.1.2 not 4.1.3? The only real difference is that 4.1.3 fixes a few bugs.

Sky November 27, 2019 01:29

too lazy to download it.

i just remembered that - i forgot to do a thing. I was gonna list the spells i never used throughout the game, and oh boy, there's many. The first 3 books i cast some of them once for the XP, but after that i didnt bother.
I used Healing once, and never used the two cures from the Purifications book, as i was just casting Heal all the time. And i never really used Cure Mortal Wounds because CCW works better. Never used any of the better detect spells, as by that time i already had ESP and clairvoyance, so ..
Never used annihilation as i did more damage with my MOD and have better uses for my mana, and also, with the Glyph, i would rather be out of LOS, as other uniques ranged attacks are much stronger than mine - i'd rather be in melee.

turns out Resist Fire & Cold is actually very useful if you dont have *Fire

Sky November 28, 2019 20:33

ranger ded by a great crystal drake that i had no business fighting anyway.

Sky December 3, 2019 05:19

RIP CL27 ranger
did you know Iridescent Beetles can paralize you ? Well you do now.
sucks when you've been clearing levels to DL29 and you cant find a **** pair of Boots of Free Action.
Oh and this randart set had a RoP of +2 shots.

also RIP a CL30 paladin in a manner so stupid i won't even mention.

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