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Mike March 28, 2021 16:22

Xygos 0.0.2 "Chuckie Egg" released
You remove a Cloak of Stealth (+3).
You put on a Space Suit.

Xygos is a new variant of Angband, forked from 4.2.1 in early January with most of 4.2.2 folded in.
This is 0.0.2, the first announced release.

It's aiming towards conversion from V's fantasy milieu to an eclectic sci-fi / futuristic / post-apocalyptic theme, in the same way that Steamband did.

It's a long way away yet - this is an early pre-alpha release with a weird mix of dragons and androids, and probably some fearsome bugs.

Playtesters are very welcome, especially if you report bugs, suggest ideas or send patches (on Github, or here on this thread)!

Right now, you will need to build it yourself. I use / configure --with-no-install --enable-stats --enable-test / make, but the cmake method is also maintained and used by automatic builds, so that should be fine as well. I normally run the X interface (although SDL2 and Curses should at least build). Tiles won't work - not that I have anything against them, but most of the monster and item lists are due to be replaced so existing tilesets won't be usable. It should work out of the box on Linux, and hopefully on any modern Unixy system as well.

If you use Windows or MacOS, you'll also need to make some changes to the build scripts - probably not much is needed, but I don't have an easy way to test these builds.

New (from Vanilla) top level files include:
BUGS (what it says - but most of them are marked as fixed)
BRANCHES (list of branches, with brief descriptions)
CHANGES (summary of changes made - the equivalent of changes.txt)

The github repository is here:

wobbly March 28, 2021 17:02

psst... you didn't provide a link to it.

Mike March 28, 2021 17:13

Link this way

fiery_mews March 28, 2021 19:03

Oh wow I really like the sound of this! Totally here for post-apocalyptic genre mashups.

Nick March 28, 2021 22:37

Very good :)

I haven't played (or even downloaded), but looking at the datafiles it looks very intriguing.

The github build process is broken in some interesting way I don't fully understand. If you can get that fixed, you will have working Mac and Windows builds. I suspect it's not too hard.

Mike March 29, 2021 20:57

The broken Mac and Windows builds are at least partly caused by the renaming from Angband. It's not so easy to fix for me without having a local Windows or Mac dev environment, though.

HugoVirtuoso March 30, 2021 00:54

Mike, what Linux distro have you been using while developing this variant?

backwardsEric March 30, 2021 18:24


Originally Posted by Mike (Post 152324)
The broken Mac and Windows builds are at least partly caused by the renaming from Angband. It's not so easy to fix for me without having a local Windows or Mac dev environment, though.

Nick is referring to the GitHub Actions that your project inherited from Angband; within the repository, they're stored in .github/workflows. Those are set to trigger on pushes to certain branches and run on GitHub's servers. You can see the results of those actions and disable them from the 'Actions' tab on the GitHub page for the project:

There's one workflow, release.yaml, that will automatically add a new release to the release part of your project on a push to the master branch. That release will include builds for Windows and Mac. The xygos project has acquired some very long tag names ("4.2.1-407-...."), perhaps because of the past runs from release.yaml, that are breaking that workflow. Deleting those tags from the release tab for the project, could get that workflow to run properly again.

The code builds fine, with some clang warnings, on macOS. I didn't play much with the resulting executable, but it certainly got as far as the birth screen without trouble.

Mike March 30, 2021 20:13

I've been using Gentoo. (Has it failed to build for you on some other distro?)

Mike March 30, 2021 23:28

Windows and Mac builds are up
Good to know that the Mac build is working - thanks. I've got both Mac and Windows building from the Action now, and you can download them from Releases.

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