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Nick August 29, 2021 00:10


Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron (Post 155036)
Maybe ask Pav to update the Variants page so that 2.0.0 shows as the current version and that it links to the right place to download.

Done - I can edit those details.


Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron (Post 155041)
average damage/round on weapons information does not update when @ wears jewelry (combat rings, physical prowess rings, etc.). How does one choose what to wield without accurate damage/round information?

That's odd. Noted.

Nick August 29, 2021 02:17


Originally Posted by tg122 (Post 155028)
Hey Nick, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I've noticed that rings and amulets seem to be auto ignored as soon as I walk directly over them, even before I have identified them. I just started a brand new character, and I saw a ring lying on the ground in the wilderness. As soon as I walked to it, it said Ring of Utility <ignored> then disappeared before I even had a chance to look at it, but I still hadn't identified any runes identified yet since the character was new. I also don't have the option to know all runes turned on. I remember a similar thing happened with an amulet the other day.

The latest builds have a change by backwardsEric that may fix this problem - let me know what you see.

EugeneLesnov September 1, 2021 19:13

The last few days I have been trying to implement a weather system for wilderness like in TomeNet. Meh, this requires a deeper knowledge of C than I have =D

Pete Mack September 1, 2021 19:31

Before you commit to C, you need to decide how it works. Just a random state on each map area? Fronts moving from west to east? Once you know your algorithm, the language shouldn't matter.

EugeneLesnov September 1, 2021 20:07


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 155109)
Once you know your algorithm, the language shouldn't matter.

In perfect world - agree. But my everyday work is Java/Spring Boot. And it is quite difficult to delve into such a large project as FAangband (for me, meh). It's a completely different world for someone with a different specialization. Therefore, to implement some features, it takes more time than a person needs, who, for example, writes C code every day.

Nick September 4, 2021 02:39


Originally Posted by EugeneLesnov (Post 155108)
The last few days I have been trying to implement a weather system for wilderness like in TomeNet.

To carry on from Pete's point, you also need to think carefully about why you're making a change like this (and this applies to your other idea as well). Is it just for flavour? If not, what gameplay change are you aiming for? Is it going to add to player enjoyment?

I don't know if weather is a good idea for FA or not; I kind of lean against it because it adds a layer of complication to an already complicated game. That's not a definite no (you could make the same arguments about the hunger mechanic, for example), it's more a case of I don't think the idea is developed enough to say for sure. And I do think it's more likely to be a good idea for Beleriand than FA.

HugoVirtuoso September 4, 2021 03:17

Many of Eugene's could be considered if he or anyone else forks FAAngband, be it 2.0 or older version, or Vanilla or even FCPB. I have a plenty of simulation 2021 / 21st century ideas or requests that are bound to be very unpopular depending on who I talk to. This is mostly because I'm more inclined to make an already complicated game even more difficult. Eugene, you should hop over to and share your theorycraft :)

EugeneLesnov September 4, 2021 06:30


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 155150)
To carry on from Pete's point, you also need to think carefully about why you're making a change like this

I left some thoughts on github..

Quoting myself:

At the first stage, the weather will be displayed as text when the player appears at the location. Something like "The wind is blowing. It's getting uncomfortable".

Perhaps a question will appear: "Why?". Well, it's good question. There can be several consequences..just for visual effects or (and) for changing some mechanics. For example, fire spells/burning weapon can deal less damage while it's raining, etc.

I do not insist that this feature be implemented necessarily. But an idea came up and I am glad that the discussion was initiated.

EugeneLesnov September 4, 2021 06:34

Haha I'll think about it :D

Ingwe Ingweron September 6, 2021 23:57

Bug in ignoring jewelry. Somehow, I pressed something and my @'s ring accidentally got ignored. Since I received the "do you really want to drop" warning, I was made aware. I tried "unignoring" the ring from the inventory menu on the item (unignore all), but that didn't work. So, I went to the user menu "Item ignoring setup". Imagine my surprise when I discovered amulets and rings are not included in the "Item ignoring setup", in the "Quality ignoring options", or in the "Ego ignoring options". How does one deal with this for jewelry? Is there a secret menu somewhere? :D

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