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chris December 1, 2016 16:19

[Announce] Poschengband 5.0.3 Released
Yet another release in yet the same place. 5.0.3 this time.

First, a request for pav regarding html dumps (I'll try to remember to email him, but in case I forget, perhaps somebody could pass this along?):
The html head section now contains some additional meta fields. I think the easiest one to use would be the 'status' field whose value is one of 'winner', 'dead' or 'alive'. This should directly map onto what oook displays on the ladder.

Here is a sample head section in the html output:

<meta name='filetype' value='character dump'>
<meta name='variant' value='PosChengband'>
<meta name='variant_version' value='5.0.3'>
<meta name='character_name' value='Chester Tester'>
<meta name='race' value='Gnome'>
<meta name='class' value='Mage'>
<meta name='level' value='1'>
<meta name='experience' value='1'>
<meta name='turncount' value='64828'>
<meta name='max_depth' value='1'>
<meta name='score' value='1'>
<meta name='fame' value='0'>
<meta name='status' value='dead'>
<meta name='winner' value='0'>
<meta name='dead' value='1'>
<meta name='retired' value='0'>
<meta name='killer' value='a Large white snake'>

Thanks, pav!!!!!

Now for the big changes:
[1] Player birth has been completely rewritten. I removed the auto-roller, since this apparently confuses new players, and replaced it with a generous point based system. In addition, the game picks a reasonable default stat allocation for you. If you are a new player, you can quickly begin play with a decent build.

[2] I added a new monster race: The Vortex. It is sort of a cross between a hound and a jelly, if that makes any sense. The ultimate form is rather fun and probably a bit too powerful.

[3] I added some new classes: The Gray and Yellow Mages. These are tweaks of the mage class and I figured we've done so many melee twists that it was time for some spellcasting love. The first is a slot based mage that 'learns' spells from books, but then casts them from memory (even if blinded). The second gets multiple spells per round, but cannot learn the really powerful stuff.

[4] I rewrote the Wizard Object command, since someone was complaining (Wizard and Cheat commands aren't really supported ... I used to compile these out altogether before I switched over to Linux for development). I list this as a big change because it was a huge amount of work!

Now, some smaller changes. Many were inspired from forum posts but since I work offline, I cannot remember which was which at the moment. Anyway, thanks for your feedback and keep it coming. I do read the forums (offline and irregularly) and will try to address issues major and minor (eventually):

[1] Fixed (?) curses display bug with beams of gravity (pref/spell-xx.prf was the culprit, using TERM_DARK for a display attribute. I'm not sure why, but on xterm, this erases to the end of the current line until you ^R to redraw)

[2] The Blood-Mage now uses his own blood (hit points) for the recharging spell.

[3] I tried to fix the issue with Burglary traps in the Arena ... but I thought I had already fixed this once before, long ago, so who knows? It might still be broken!

[4] The object list now collects interesting features on the surface, including shops and dungeon/quest entrances. Since you can 'travel' using this list, this should address the request for auto-travelling to various shops on the surface as well as the issues somebody had with being unable to locate a quest entrance. As an example, ]h` will auto travel to your home (You can quickly select an entry in this list by pressing the first letter of the choice ... h for 'Home').

[5] Travelling now checks for abort. This is very useful with [4]!

[6] The curses command line interface has been cleaned up. We now support -top and -left panels and a -spacer option. For example, I play with:
./poschengband -mgcu -u$1 -r -- -spacer 2x1 -left 56x22,* -spacer 0x0 -bottom 78x5

[7] Berserker updates display when tearing off a cursed item.

[8] Monster recall now always displays the observed spell frequency, even if you probe or play with easy_lore.

[9] cheat_peek now works for egos.

[10] ?CurseWeapon et. al. no longer downgrade heavy and permanent curses.

[11] html is now the default for character dumps. You'll need to change the extension to txt manually to get a plain text dump.

Now, for some experimental changes:
[1] I added an auto_target option. Use this with use_old_target for best effect. Every offensive spell or device will automatically target the nearest monster if there is not a valid target already specified (and you need to set use_old_target to be able to target before casting and zapping). With this option, simply cast 'n blast!!!

[2] With this, I tried to improve the monster recall child terminal to auto track monsters *before* you kill them. You should not need to target a monster to remove a stale tracking race.

[3] I played around with the repeat last command stuff. It seemed like a good idea at the time to use this facility as a quick temp macro facility, but I learned some surprising things in the process (like repeat does not record keystrokes and certainly doesn't work everywhere). Anyway, it was a bit of work to implement, so I left it in. Use "<register><command> to record <command> to <register> where registers are named with a single ascii character. The game always records new commands to the '.' register. Use '<register> to repeat the contents of <register> (so '. works just like 'n' or 'X', depending on your keyset, but you can now repeat many many commands). Use '' to list the current recordings prior to entering a register to repeat. So, ''f works the same as 'f, playing back the contents of the f register, except that the current recordings are listed to you once you press the second '. Recordings are not saved in your savefile.

There might also be a few minor bugfixes. You can check the changelog on github for all the details.

Antoine December 1, 2016 17:21

You're awesome.


clouded December 1, 2016 17:42

Hey chris, I'm not if you changed this intentionally but you can no longer target out of LOS, it asks you to retarget whenever you do. This is a pretty big player nerf because there are a ton of times you can see monsters but not target them without targetting beyond vision (quite frustrating).

debo December 1, 2016 18:19

The Gatling Mage finally lives!!!

HugoTheGreat2011 December 1, 2016 20:45

Awesome. Now, here are some bugs / suggestions in version 5.0.3:

1a) The screen goes 'off-center' when returning to town from quest level [e.g., Thieves quest; still occurring in 5.0.3!!] -- Also happens during ambushes, IIRC
1b) Re-sizing the Windows and re-maximizing it may cause gameplay screen to go off-center! [still occurring in 5.0.3!!]
2) Sometimes, when your Chaos patron says 'needst opponents', there are no enemy monsters summoned!
3) PosChengband 5.0.3's .exe file triggers Windows 10's SmartScreen -- Annoying! (FYI) [Workaround: Run anyway]
4) In PosChengband 5.0.3 - ALL Chaos-Warriors are given only Slortar as the Chaos patron (There's no option to change the Patron to another choice!!]
--The Patron choice still has significant effects on gameplay!!!! [Chris, please somehow restore a way to change the Chaos patron OR at least enable a way to randomize the Patron choice!!]
5) The BIRTH auto-roller should have been made an extra option via the birth option (to re-activate it to its former glory, IMO]
6) The repeat last command 'n' no longer remembers the choice associated with last command - for example I'm selling something -- a spellbook to the Magic Shop via 's' then 'b' (the book in the 'b' slot of the inventory). But then, I want to sell the next spellbook in the 'b' slot right away via the 'n' command. But, when I use the 'n' command it shows the list. Well, I wanted the 'n' command to auto-select 'b' anyways (I don't need to see that list again -- because I know what I want to sell immediately). But, the 5.0.3 version doesn't do this as it used to be in 5.0.2 and prior.
7) This one -- if you kill a Telmora Arena opponent and you somehow die from a cut wound, the game says you are defeated by the next opponent in line (still happening in 5.0.3)
8) Some un-IDed Scrolls / Potions are auto-IDed by the Temple / Alchemy at the prompt of selling (even when easy-ID is off AND before I manually ID these)
9) Occasionally, I AM still able to flee to world map navigation ['<' command] with monsters present on the gameplay screen!!! (still occurring in 5.0.3)
10) Blasted weapons (i.e. weapon dice = 0d0) are still very usable when playing as a Tonberry - I haven't tested what would happen if I reforge something / use a Scroll of Artifact Creation on Blasted weapons
11) Partially ID-ed equip items [Armour with AcCo?], for example, can be sold for big money before it is completely IDed. I don't remember if Chris intended that these items be sold for such big cash at partial-ID recognition

debo December 1, 2016 20:54


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 115891)
Awesome. Now, here are some probable long standing bugs:

2) Sometimes, when your Chaos patron says 'needst opponents', there are no enemy monsters summoned!

That latter one is a philosophical statement. Sometimes your greatest opponent is yourself.

HugoTheGreat2011 December 1, 2016 21:23

Reminder, FYI:

The usual place for newest versions of PosChengband is at:

getter77 December 2, 2016 14:00

Always great to see another update!

clouded December 3, 2016 02:33

Chaos vortex is completely broken, each hit polymorphs monsters. Not sure I can level up to CL50 without cheating, seems unplayable.

HugoTheGreat2011 December 3, 2016 03:18


Originally Posted by clouded (Post 115961)
Chaos vortex is completely broken, each hit polymorphs monsters. Not sure I can level up to CL50 without cheating, seems unplayable.

Just head on over to Mount Olympus

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