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Djabanete September 15, 2007 21:53

[Entro] HELLO, this is NOT NetHack!
My 14th-level Bard, Combat Sushi K, was fighting Smeagol on dungeon level 11. He emptied two wands of Wonder on the critter, but somehow only succeeded in knocking off two stars and turning Smeagol into his pet. Great. So he started in with Wrecking Note, which brought Smeagol down to pretty low health, when this happened:

> Smeagol is more dazed. <x6>
> You failed to get the song off!
> Smeagol is more dazed. <x5>
> Smeagol says 'It is the pinch! I will retreat'.
> Smeagol reads a scroll of teleport level.
> Smeagol disappears.

This is word-for-word from the message recall. What the hell?? Since when do uniques read scrolls of teleport level, in *any* variant? Perhaps I should have anticipated this and turned off "allow teleport" in pet options? Note that my pet screen displayed "no pets" after the teleport - he really was gone!

Any insights into this? Has anything like this ever happened to you before? What if the scroll had been Mass Genocide?

Atriel September 16, 2007 10:34

Kinda, uniques that somehow become pets seem to go away when they are about to die. You cant kill uniques this way (petting them)... this happened to me twice, and seems pretty logic to me.
But then you can only pet really low level uniques or ridable uniques with a cavalier.

Djabanete September 16, 2007 19:28

Aha, thanks Atriel. That makes sense, I guess.

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