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CunningGabe March 31, 2012 19:37

Changing the edit files
Here's an idle question: do you ever change or add to the edit files for any variant when you play? If so, how much do you change and why? If not, why not?

Derakon March 31, 2012 20:04

I occasionally make tweaks to eliminate irritations. For example, when I played ToME 2 I removed the ability to breed from early monsters -- in that game, almost all characters have lousy stealth especially early on because Stealth is a skill you can learn; combine that with the ability of insect breeders to fly over the trees that form the walls of the first dungeon and early levels routinely became unplayable.

In Vanilla I usually make the Trap Location rod immune to electricity when I'm playing a warrior. Back in the 3.0x days (pre-TMJ) these rods were a lot more common, such that you could expect to have one by 1000' at the very latest; these days you're lucky to have one by then and losing it to an electricity attack is extremely aggravating. It's telling that almost all of the rods that a non-warrior would care about are all electricity-proof.

ghengiz March 31, 2012 20:06

I usually don't, because I think there is a reason if the maintainer decided the things to be in a certain way. An edit would mean I'd get a variant of the variant.
But if you point a gun at my head, asking to change something or die, I'd purge the breeders, for they are just annoying.

Magnate March 31, 2012 22:38

When playing Sangband, I edit monster.txt to change the speed of lucksuckers, because I *hate* the "faster than you" mechanic. IMO monsters should not move at relative speeds but at absolute speeds.

In all variants that have them I sometimes edit magic mushroom patches to be either rarer or slower or both, depending on how grumpy I'm feeling.

Djabanete April 1, 2012 11:33

I play Chengband in Vanilla Town mode.

I change Angband so there are no rivers and make all the walls granite. And I let it generate caverns.

I change Cloaks of Protection so they grant resist shards.

I change monsters so that the wilderness only monsters can appear in the dungeon.

PowerWyrm April 2, 2012 14:07

When I play Vanilla, the first thing I do is to edit font-win.prf and change the color of permawalls from 4 to 7 because that red color is making my eyes BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!

CunningGabe April 4, 2012 18:18

Now that I've garnered a few answers, I'll let on to my other motive for asking. One of the projects on my todo list is to write up more information about the edit files -- for example, what the various monster flags mean. I'm trying to determine how much anyone (besides myself) would even care!

Derakon April 4, 2012 18:23

A lot of the flags are fairly self-explanatory. What's most important about the edit files is clarifying what the lines that are just sequences of numbers mean. E.g. being able to figure out "I:110:5:0:10:0" is basically impossible without good documentation.

Fortunately I think most of the documentation is accurate, but sometimes it gets out of sync (happened a few times with the new combat and evasion/absorption in v4) and it's very frustrating when it does.

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