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Nivra September 10, 2015 08:13

[YAWP] High-Elf Mage: Standing in the Eye of the Storm
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After his big brother Phineas the Half-Troll Warrior took down Morgoth, Ferb felt the call for adventure as well. Wandering into the Pits of Angband (must be a different dimension than the Pits that Phineas went down), Ferb, the High Elf Mage, learned the arts of spell-casting, deep diving, and survival in the dungeon depths. Please don't ask how a Half-troll and a High-Elf came to be brothers. That's a question best left for the mother to answer, on a day when she is plied with lots of ale and mead.

Ferb, although weaker than Phineas was still fairly strong, sporting a 14 Strength to start with. Although he started the first 5 levels carefully, engaging monsters only from a distance with his Magic Missiles, he found his luck changed at 150' when he found Nimthanc. Feeling the magic of the artifact flow through his veins, he decided to take a page from his brother's book and started fighting creatures in hand-to-hand. Level after level, he descended, and many named uniques fell to his shiv or his frostbolts.

He slowed around 1700' when he found that monsters weren't as easily stabbed to death. He then switched exclusively to spells, mastering how to throw the elements in both bolt and beam form. He found an Amulet of Regeneration shortly thereafter, and he realized that he could almost continuously unleash a barrage of spells upon the monsters in the dungeon. Soon thereafter, he found many potions that increased his Toughness and Constitution, and soon had well over 300 hp before level 30. He could feel the strength and toughness of his brother lending him mental and physical endurance. Then, he worked on his Intellect, and soon he had 5-600 hp and 200+ mp. His first four dungeon spellbooks were all Resistances of Scarabatrices. It must've been a signal that he was ready to dive. So Ferb began a massive descent.

Soon thereafter, he stumbled upon an amazing find. At experience level 38 at the dungeon depth of 2900', Ferb fire bolted down a Bile Demon along a long corridor. The Bile Demon had secreted away a pair of Leather Boots once worn by the mightiest of the Eldar, Feanor. Ferb found that he could move extremely swiftly while wearing these boots. Soon thereafter, he found a Ring of Speed +13 as well as its sister Ring of Speed +9, and he was soon faster than all other beasts in the dungeon. With his intellect, toughness, and speed, Ferb continued to dive quickly, graduating from acid bolts to Meteor Swarms he learned from Raal's Tome. His toughness allowed him to absorb unresisted breathes of darkness, chaos, and nether as he descended swiftly.

On the way down to the bottom at 3650', he found Gandalf's ancient Ring of Power, Narya, and he was finally able to max his Int and Con, patching several resist holes in the process. By the time he reached 4900', he had most resist holes covered while keeping Con and Int. Yet he still hadn't found Kelek's Grimoire of Power. He was still relying on Meteor Swarms for his damage, and it took up almost his whole mana pool to kill one or two major demons. He had used up most of his consumables reaching these depths, diving so quickly. He had also lost quite a few of his saved up resources during an accident with Runes of Protection. Who knew that dropping his stack of precious potions to avoid them getting shattered wouldn't work when they were dropped at the end of a corridor full of Runes? He had lost almost 30 potions of Healing, Restore Mana, and Enlightenment to that unfortunate accident. So Ferb resigned himself to collecting resources on these levels during his hunt for the Grimoire. This was also the first time Ferb had ever deigned to climb stairs upwards. Heretofore, he had only ever descended. (n.b. Ferb found very little use for the town except to store things at home. After the four spellbooks, the shops held little help for Ferb all game long.)

At this point, he realized that he was in fact stronger when he wielded the Trident of Ulmo and killed creatures with the Trident while protected by his spells. He quickly became a mage-warrior, running through vaults while shielded with his spells, stabbing Greater Demons, Wyrms, and Ainu to death.

Searching around in vain for the Grimoire, he stumbled upon Nenya, Galadriel's Ring. Although using Nenya slowed him down quite a bit (25 base speed rather than 34), he was able to patch all his resistance holes except darkness, sound, and chaos. Having just turned level 50, he decided to descend to kill Sauron and Morgoth without Kelek's. Able to swap in Chaos for Shards resistances, he did kill several uniques that breathed major chaos, but he left the major darkness uniques alone. They required too many healing potions to kill, and he had just managed to store up enough to a healthy level again.

On Dungeon level 4950', he found Sauron in a vault. He built a corridor full of twists and turns to prevent his summoned creatures from joining the fray. This was a technique he had used for most major uniques in these deep levels. Protected with Runes and Shields, he drew Sauron from the greater vault. Of course, Sauron promptly teleported away after just the slightest bit of damage. Since Ferb was just outside a Greater Vault, he decided to venture in. It proved to be a fruitful vault as the greatest dragon of them all, Ancalagon the Black held court. After a vicious fight, he defeated the Wyrm, and in his massive treasure hoards, Ferb found the coveted Grimoire. He also found a massive suit of Adamantite Plate Mail named Soulkeeper. He soon found that Soulkeeper allowed him to cover all his resists except sound while keeping all his stats maxxed or close to max.

Power-drunk, Ferb descended once again to fight Sauron. This time, he decided to throw out all the safe and sane strategies that worked with him up to this point. Relying on the spells of protection from evil his artifacts lent him, immunities from the Trident and Rings of Power, Ferb threw caution to the wind when he encountered Sauron next.

In the hourglass vault, Sauron waited, and Ferb fought him in the first room upon entering the vault from the South. He even found a better Amulet of Trickery that lent him just a smidge more quickness just before Sauron engaged him. Ferb stepped 20' to the left of the doorway, and Sauron engaged him there, just left of the doorway. Sauron soon summoned Greater Wyrms around and behind Ferb. Ferb ignored them, eventhough there was a Wyrm behind him and 2-3 more behind Sauron who could see him. The Rings of Power protected him from many breath attacks, and Sauron fell quickly to Ferb's onslaught of Mana Storm and Chaos Strikes. After all the hoarding of healing items, Ferb used almost none of them, activating his Helm of Gondor, and two of his five rods of healing. He did use four charges of Staff of the Magi. His Runes broke multiple times, but Protection from Evil and his 282 AC(Shielded) protected him from direct hits. Sauron dropped little of note.

Emboldened by his easy battle with Sauron, Ferb descended to fight the mighty Morgoth. Casting Word of Destruction for the first time, he created a destructed zone in the corner of the dungeon. He then shielded himself once again with Protection from Evil, Heroism, Shield, Resistance, and a Rune. Then, as Morgoth engaged, he started using up his Wands of Annihilation. Surprisingly, he found that they did more damage than any of his spells. Alas, the 14 charges were soon used up and Morgoth had lost 20% of his health. Morgoth stumbled around outside of his 10' x 10' Rune of Protection as Ferb zapped, chaos striked, and mana stormed him. Soon enough, Morgoth started summoning. Ferb found that his protections and immunities allowed him to ignore most of the summons. Greater Wyrms rained Fire, Frost, and Acid down upon him to no avail, and Greater Balrogs beat themselves against his Runes. Balance and Chaos Wyrms would occasionally bring him down below half health, and he would quickly activate a healing item or quaff a potion. Ferb exclusively used Mana Storm now, and smiled in glee each time his mana storm centered on Morgoth would bring down Wyrms or Undead around them.

When Morgoth finally cleared out a 40 to 50' wide area around Ferb and filled it all up with Wyrms, Demons, and Undead of various ilk, Ferb decided prudence was the better part of valor and would Phase away, then Banish them all, while re-casting his protections and refilling his mana. When Morgoth's health was mostly gone(80%), he called out to his compatriots. Shelob, Oramax, and Kronos all joined the fray, and suddenly Ferb felt his veins run cold in fear. Although he now resisted darkness, he momentarily forgot as his previous run-ins with Shelob and Oramax had been filled with darkness breath and darkness storms. Ferb phased away, and carefully negotiated the destructed terrain, finding ways to teleport all three of the others away one by one.

Then he waded back into one on one with Morgoth. And Morgoth kept summoning. Lich's, Wraiths, and Demons joined the fray again and again. At one point, a half of multiple curses and Morgoth's mana storm rained down upon Ferb's head. He had lost over 800 hp. His mana pool was also terribly low and his Rune had broken. Momentarily panicked, he teleported away rather than quaff a *Healing* potion. Thankfully, he entered an empty area of the dungeon, and instantly destructed it and the handful of creatures around him. Then, he re-prepped for battle, and waited patiently for Morgoth to come find him.

The rest of the battle was trivial, and Morgoth soon fell. Ferb used more healing for Morgoth, but not that much: 5 potions of cure critical wounds imbibed during moments waiting for Morgoth to come find around a bend, 3 potions of Healing imbibed when some breaths or spells reduced him to around 5-600 HP, and 2 *Healing* potions imbibed when he fell below 400 HP. He also activated both his Crown of Gondor and Soulkeeper for healing. He did run through over 8 refills of his mana pool from either his Staff of the Magi or Potions of Restore Mana.

He laughed with bloodlust as he continued to mana storm the dozens of Wyrms and Demons that surrounded him after Morgoth had died. Mopping these up actually took quite a long time, surprisingly, as there was quite a wide area that had been cleared and they kept summoning kin. Morgoth dropped his Iron Crown and Grond, and the Wyrms dropped Turmil.

Nivra September 10, 2015 08:22

FWIW, it was a lot more fun to kill Sauron and Morgoth with lots of Wyrms, Demons, and Undead milling around than it was to dig ASC's for each of the uniques I killed prior to that. The ASC's did have the advantage that I could kill 3 uniques at a time, as they switched in and out of LOS in the corridor, though.

Understandably, there was a risk of insta-death with this method, but with the immunities, resistances, and 100% saving throw, the likelihood wasn't very high. I don't know what happened to do over 800 hp of damage. Most likely a Mana Storm and a Sound Breath as that was the only unresisted element, but I didn't look at the messages carefully. Is there a way to log the messages so I can go back and look at what happened?

I don't know if this kind of tactic would work without the immunities. I have a feeling it wouldn't, as 2-3 fire/frost/acid breaths would still be 500+ hp of damage, which on top of a mana storm would be much more likely to kill @. The +34 speed also helped, as well as the 282 AC + ProtEvil. When a Rune broke, those two mitigated a decent amount of damage, even from multiple attackers. It probably wouldn't have worked with other uniques around, though. Titans or major spell-casters would do too much spike damage to deal with along with Morgoth.

But Runes don't break too easily, and a stack of 10+ or so ?Rune should be enough for any class to attempt a similar strategy. I found the slight risk involved a lot more fun than my descent and dungeon grind prior to this point.

MattB September 10, 2015 19:11



Originally Posted by Nivra (Post 104310)
I don't know what happened to do over 800 hp of damage. Most likely a Mana Storm and a Sound Breath as that was the only unresisted element, but I didn't look at the messages carefully.

Morgoth can do 600dam in one attack, so it wouldn't take much extra!


Is there a way to log the messages so I can go back and look at what happened?
<ctrl><p> lets you look back over previous messages, if that's what you want?

FWIW, Prot Evil will only protect you against inferior monsters (i.e. less than your clvl IIRC?), so it's pretty useless.

Nivra September 10, 2015 23:15


Originally Posted by MattB (Post 104326)

Morgoth can do 600dam in one attack, so it wouldn't take much extra!

<ctrl><p> lets you look back over previous messages, if that's what you want?

FWIW, Prot Evil will only protect you against inferior monsters (i.e. less than your clvl IIRC?), so it's pretty useless.

That's what I thought, too, but it does seem to work on Ancient Dragons, Wyrms, and Balrogs.

MattB September 10, 2015 23:31


Originally Posted by Nivra (Post 104329)
That's what I thought, too, but it does seem to work on Ancient Dragons, Wyrms, and Balrogs.

Then I stand corrected! Maybe I'll give them another look then.

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