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jsedano August 7, 2011 18:58

[3.2.0] Hold life

I've been far from Angband for many years, but thanks to, I've lost most my holydays this year staring at a 4'' screen.

The question is: I've read in some FAQs that I should not go deeper than level 40 (2000ft) without "hold life". However, I am around level 60 (3000ft) and still have not found an item that provides it... and !RestoreLifeLevel are not always available on stores. Many monsters this deep Drain Life, and it is getting very hard...

Am I doing or understanding anything wrong? Or should I just keep trying?

Derakon August 7, 2011 19:11

The only "don't go below this depth without X" you should pay even the slightest attention to is around about 1100' and Free Action. Everything else is skippable, but the game will get harder and harder as you go deeper without important abilities.

That said, Hold Life can be safely ignored for the entire game. Experience drain is an annoyance at worst.

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