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konijn_ April 19, 2018 14:09

Notes on the zborg 2.40

just some notes in case any one wants to adopt the zborg to a descendant of Z.

* compile with -Wextra, there are a few bugs out there that will show
* grep for `track_step_y[track_step_num -` and guard for negative array access
* `amt_book` and a few others are not sized with MAX_REALM, causing funky stuff if you added realms, search for '[8' in zborg1.c and zborg1.h
* grep for `stat[` in zborg1.c, size with `STAT_COUNT` instead of 6 in case you added/removed stats
* grep for `borg_grids[y][x]` and `cave[y][x]` if you allow the game to draw beyond 80*25. Or you could just run the game with gdb and have it crash everytime the game goes beyond bounds
* `byte *aa = &(Term->scr->a[dy + 1][13]);` assumes that you display stats from column 0 till column 12, things go wrong if that is not the case
* AUTO_VIEW_MAX got upgraded from 1536 to 9000, but AUTO_TEMP_MAX and AUTO_FLOW_MAX did not, causing problems in town with big screens.

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