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Zambaku May 10, 2013 11:33

Making graphics
I'm in the mood for doing a graphics set, and I was wondering, how would I go about it? How do I link the sprites up with the things ingame, especialy for custom monsters and items?

Nick May 10, 2013 12:08

  1. Put all the tiles in a sheet (look at one of the .png files in lib/xtra/graf to see what I mean)
  2. Make a .prf file that links objects, monsters etc with places in the sheet (look at, for example, lib/pref/graf-nmd.prf)
There are code changes that will be needed when it gets to be a fully-fledged tileset too, but if you just name your files to replace one of the existing tilesets, you can test it out.

buzzkill May 11, 2013 22:38

If you're looking at a 32x32 tile set. It the graf-dvg.prf that you want to get into.

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