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Wanderlust February 3, 2019 11:48

L42. 5-4. A bunch of dreads are waiting near my entry point when I arrive. I'm a little careless with them, my strength takes 2 hits; suddenly I'm 17 lb overweight, and my base speed is "only" +15. But in compensation, 2 potions of constitution found on the floor bring my CON to 18/202 and my HP to 520.

I spot Rogrog the black troll in a large room with escort. 2 castings of stone to mud bore through a wall to create an extra-long attack corridor and hit him with 34 acid bolts while he charges toward me throwing boulders. He takes me to CL 32 (534 HP, 209 SP, STR restored), and drops some magic arrows, ammo for my new randart bow.

L43. 4-5. A tiny maze level with pack of dreads, tricky to deal with in these restricted corridors. Lucky I still have a few arrows of slay undead that do 303 damage/round. One of them drops a potion of intelligence that takes me to INT 18/161, 225 SP. Another drops the long sword of Eluin (+13,+23), which gives +4 stealth and rAcid; doesn't really seem like what I'm looking for, so I leave it behind.

L44. 8-6. Medusa the gorgon is sleeping just next to my entry point. I try to sneak away, but she wakes up and summons 9- and 11-headed hydras and an assortment of multicolored nagas. She also does serious damage with spell attacks. I teleport away and approach again from a different angle. This time I prepare a special space for the fight, which is a good thing because eventually I'm forced to retreat into an anti-summoning corridor. Medusa falls to 16 arrows and 5 frost bolts, but not before burning up a bunch of nice arrows and 2 of my spell books. She drops nothing of interest.

There's a small vault here, guarded by Khamul, the black easterling and a drolem, with friends. Khamul comes charging out of the vault and gets teleported away; I don't want to deal with him yet. Turns out the drolem isn't so dangerous when double poison resist is turned on; it dies after 25 frost bolts and 1 arrow. The only thing of interest in the vault is a potion of strength that takes my STR to 18/40 and boosts my carry capacity. Also, this vault takes me to CL 33 (549 HP, 232 SP).

L45. 5-2. At this point I'm relying heavily on stealth and stone to mud to sneak through the dungeon disturbing as little as possible, unless I choose to engage a particular target, such as the great crystal drake that fell easily to 8 arrows of venom and an acid bolt. Speaking of those arrows of venom, I'm now carrying 2 quivers of arrows, since archery is by far my fastest way to deliver damage.

Wanderlust February 3, 2019 11:53

I posted the character dump to the ladder:

Sphara February 3, 2019 18:12

This is ridiculously beefy mage considering it is going through an ironman game. 549 HP at dlvl45 as a hobbit mage is almost hard to believe :D

I wouldn't carry Restore Life Levels potions with innate HoldLife. Also both constitution rings are junk atm unless you really feel you need to sustain CON. With character having this many CSW potions to back up CCW:s, I wouldn't carry rods of curing either. Finally, those higher 5-8 spellbooks are indestructible so no need to carry extra copies.

Your body armor could use improvement. You can totally wear heavier armor atm. You should also try attack wands. Wand of fireballs, for example, does ridiculous damage in hands of a hobbit mage. Can recharge it many times, because wands rarely explode from mage's recharge spell. Annihilation wand is a final-fight-wand for a mage.

Best of luck for incoming encounters :)

Adam February 3, 2019 18:42

The books can be stolen, so 2 of it is not too much in my opinion.
The weapon could also be changed to a better one, you were not lucky on that part. You could have found a defender which can add up to +4 stealth and the regen which you miss.
Sphara is right on the attack wands, they are really good ;)

Pete Mack February 3, 2019 19:42

Pretty sure Rogrog is immune to acid. And books getting stolen is almost impossible as mage at +16 base speed It has happened to me once, ever, as a normal-speed rogue. At +26 speed you will be faster than the only moderately dangerous thief.

Adam February 3, 2019 21:46

You are absolutely right about having books be stolen from a mage is not a usual thing (though it happened to me more than once :)).
However since the OP dedicates a slot to rods of probing in an IM game, i thought it is a good idea to point out this possibility.
Sometimes I also tend not to pay enough attention to some monsters which are not dangerous just annoying. So not only Harowen is dangerous to me from this aspect :D

MattB February 5, 2019 16:40

Once you achieve Dex of 18/50, I think I'm right in saying, it is flat out impossible to have anything stolen. I might be wrong about the exact number though...

Derakon February 5, 2019 18:17

It's 18/150, or was the last time I checked, which was admittedly many years ago.

Wanderlust February 6, 2019 16:17


Originally Posted by Sphara (Post 135919)
You should also try attack wands. Wand of fireballs, for example, does ridiculous damage in hands of a hobbit mage. Can recharge it many times, because wands rarely explode from mage's recharge spell. Annihilation wand is a final-fight-wand for a mage.


Originally Posted by Adam (Post 135920)
Sphara is right on the attack wands, they are really good ;)

That is very useful information, I had no idea. I've always squelched attack wands as soon as I got the equivalent spell book attack or better. Thank you!


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 135921)
Pretty sure Rogrog is immune to acid.

I thought 34 acid bolts seemed excessive! I was probably half-asleep when I fought him, it's a miracle @ survived.

Wanderlust February 6, 2019 16:29

L46. 7-4. Uldor the Accursed consumes 15 frost bolts. Scatha the Worm is killed by 6 arrows of venom soften and 10 acid bolts. He takes me to CL 34 (565 HP, 239 SP) and drops an artifact I don't like. Mim, betrayer of Turin seems to resist everything so I just kill him with 50 magic missiles.

L47. 6-5. A vampire lord drops a potion of augmentation that maxes both my strength at 18/50 and my intelligence at 18/170. Now I have 256 SP.

L48. 4-3. A tiny maze level, nothing of interest.

L49. 5-3. A vrock takes me to CL 35 (580 HP, 263 SP). Eol, the dark elf is hanging out here. It takes a couple hastily-crafted antisummoning corridors, 20 arrows, and 8 acid bolts to kill him. I lose lots of arrows because he and his summons keep burning them up. He drops the maul of Amion, which gives +2 strength, +3 intelligence, +4 dexterity, +1 light, resistance to acid, fire, cold, light, and shards, see invisible, and free action. Finally a helpful weapon: with this I have 18/200 INT, 281 SP, and 0% fail rate on my best spells. I learn a few spells I haven't bothered with so far: Fire Ball, Shield, Ice Storm.

L50. 6-7. On the floor is my new weapon, the mattock of Gilomast, offering +4 constitution, +8 speed, and see invisible. mostly this drops my INT back to 18/170 and my SP back to 263, while increasing my base speed to +24. Seems like a pretty good upgrade.

L51. 5-5. Itangast, the fire drake dies to 7 arrows of venom and 3 acid bolts. He drops a pair of +6 boots of speed, a minor upgrade for the +4 sandals of speed I've been wearing since L35; my base speed is now +26.

L52. 4-7. Nothing but a useless artifact on the floor.

L53. 6-5. It takes 3 arrows of venom and 23 acid bolts to kill Smaug the Golden. He takes me to CL 36 (599 HP, 271 SP). His drop:

a) Tenser's Transformations. I immediately learn Greater Recharging and Elemental Brand.

b) The alchemist's gloves of Methir. +2 strength, +3 intelligence, +3 wisdom, rLightning, regeneration, free action. I'm still wearing the gloves of free action that naga dropped on L21, so I take these. They raise my INT to 18/200 and my SP to 289.

L54. 5-5. Not much of interest here. Moving on.

L55. 5-6. Shelob, Spider of Darkness dies after taking 7 arrows of frost, 5 mithril arrows, and 13 fire bolts.

Tom, Bill and Bert the stone trolls are camped out here. Tom dies after taking 18 acid bolts, Bert takes 17, and Bill only 16.

It takes 43 acid bolts to kill Quaker, master of Earth and 10 mithril arrow and 18 fire bolts to kill Ariel, queen of Air. Adunaphel the quiet dies after taking 7 mithril arrows and 11 acid bolts.

A pack of mumakil takes me to CL 37 (615 HP, 297 SP). I learn Rift and Meteor Swarm.

On the floor I find the metal cap of Tandi, offering +5 intelligence, +4 constitution, resistance to acid, cold, dark and nether, see invisible, and free action. My crown of the Magi is still indispensable because it's my only source of ESP, but I put Tandi in my pack as a swap in case I need resist nether.

L56. 4-6. On the floor in the inner chamber of a triangle-shaped room is the iron helm of Wenath. It gives +5 intelligence, +4 wisdom, resists acid and chaos, protects from blindness, and ESP, my new helmet.

L57. 6-6. A master mystic drops a pair of steel shod boots of elvenkind with +4 stealth and +7 speed, a nice upgrade for the +6 sandals of speed I'm wearing. A little storage closet contains a copy of Mordenkainen's Escapes; I pick it up, dropping my teleport level scrolls to make room, and learn Door Creation, Stair Creation, Teleport Level, and Rune of Protection. Actually, I guess Stair Creation and Teleport Level are redundant at this point.

A vampire pit takes me to CL 38 (631 HP, 305 SP).

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