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Core31 November 10, 2010 10:16

Another spare-time-killer
Hi there.

If there's still time beneath Vanilla and variants, forum AND real life - I maybe found a small game to cure this:

I found Hydorah mentioned on Pixelprospector and gave it a try.
The start screen already got me back into teenage times, it is said there "Hydorah is a game designed for classic shoot em up players, who still love clean designs and challenging adventures
[...] There is a single dificulty level, based on the 80's standards. It can be hard, but with every beaten level there will come the glory."

Aaah. Doesn't this sound like good ol' times? When trying to beat this *'%$!* boss again and again? I liked games like R-Type, Hybris or Katakis (does anyone know them?) - and Hydorah resembles this quite well.

You can save three times during the whole game, which makes the decision WHEN to save a quite strategic one. Can you beat the first three levels without dying once? Better save earlier?

Give it a shot - and prepare to die often!


DrWho42 October 16, 2019 04:56

maybe add cookie clicker to that list? ;)

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