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Gothmog February 21, 2018 12:01

Did you guys ever have such a fun character that you used debug to save from death?
My current charachter had “died” about 2/3 times but he’s too fun to let go he is a brawler with a Feanorian lamp of True Sight a battle axe of Nargothrond and Rauko bane (these 3 have Balrgos flleing on sight) he also has 59 health thanks to two artefacts (necklace of dwarves, mail corselet of Fingon I think)

I am going to beat the game for the first time with this charachter (though cheating takes a lot of the satisfaction out of it) because he is so fun amd I do not want to let him go

Gwarl February 21, 2018 13:52

My most powerful character ever died when he got blocked into a dead end corridor by a grotesque without a digger. I was 40xp short of taking song of freedom after buying the prereqs. I slowly starved to death. It was the worst thing.

I couldn't play a dead character though. I would know.

Gothmog February 21, 2018 14:09

Oh wow, that must sting. When I play dead charachter (i have only done so twice including this time and I done it think I will finish the game or even get a Sil this time) it takes the fun out of it completely, I cheated death so I just get reckless by fighting everything even if it’s suicudal. It’s hard to explain it’s like I shouldn't be where I am so I’ll just jump head first into everything. The game gets stale quick playing dead character, it takes the excitement out of it because you know you can cheat death again.

EDIT there is a stupid showing up where it shouldn’t ignore it I can’t edit it out

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