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DavidMedley October 7, 2019 05:56

Find Recall in Dungeon
What are good depths to find a scroll or rod or whatever of recall if your last one was destroyed or stolen?

Pete Mack October 7, 2019 11:31

Depends on the rod. If it was your only rod of detection or something, hunt down the thief and get it back. Otherwise, just keep playing. Depth doesn't matter that much.

fph October 7, 2019 13:45

I think you misread the question --- OP is out of recall sources and needs a ?recall or a -recall.

wobbly October 7, 2019 14:05

Scroll shows up from around lvl 5 when you are better off walking out. So any depth really. The deeper you go the more stuff in general but the less likely each individual item is ?recall. It probably just averages out.

fph October 7, 2019 14:14

wobbly: I am not sure that the general principle "the deeper you go, the larger the object pool becomes and it is more difficult to encounter any given individual item" is still valid. Many items now have maximum depths in object.txt, so I imagine it is tricky to understand whether rods of recall are easier to find at DL30 (their native depth) or at DL41 (where a bunch of early-game items, such as amulets of searching and potions of brawn, are over their max depth).

Ingwe Ingweron October 7, 2019 14:57

recall scrolls remain pretty available throughout the descent. Just look at the lack in your current inventory as an opportunity to hone your "ironman" skills and also contemplate what to do in the future to try and avoid the mistake. I always try for my @ to have two scrolls, so if one gets burnt they can recall to town and replace with three (one to recall and two for inventory). Rods of recall are specially immune to electric destruction, so no worries once your @ has a recall rod. They can be stolen though, if Dex isn't high enough to prevent theft, so if that happens, track down the thief.

Pete Mack October 7, 2019 16:09

My bad, but the best option still is to steal it back.

DavidMedley October 7, 2019 20:23

tl;dr scrolls of recall can be found from level 5 to 100 and rods from 30 to 100. Thanks!!

Exceprts from object.txt:

# 'alloc' is for allocation - frequency and range of levels found. It is used to
# ensure that certain vital items such as food and recall scrolls
# are found throughout the dungeon. The "allocation" depth need not
# match the level as specified in the "level:" line, but is likely similar.

name:Word of Recall
alloc:50:5 to 100

alloc:10:30 to 100

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