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DavidMedley November 20, 2019 09:52

Knocked Out! (and other tiered status effects)
My CL34 HE Necro was knocked out and killed by Impact Hounds.
1) I didn't know that could happen!
2) Bummed about the death, especially since it was so preventable
3) This is a really cool feature! What other things do this? Cuts? Does "Mortal Wound" literally kill you? Does maxing out Bloodlust do something?
4) Can we add this to other status effects? Poison seems like a prime candidate. Right now being poisoned takes 1 HP/turn, never any more than that. Would be cool if that scaled, and then reduce the immediate damage due to poison. Fear could scale up to stopping you from reading spells and even using items! So many possibilities!

Nick November 20, 2019 21:30

There are a few other things:
  • Worse cuts do worse damage, and Mortal Wounds don't heal without intervention
  • There's food, which is kind of a timed effect; you're slowed if too full, and lose combat effectiveness as you get hungrier
  • Bloodlust has a range of effects - generally positive as it increases, and negative as it decreases. Maxing it out does indeed do something :)
I has actually forgotten that poison only does 1 damage per turn regardless of degree of poisoning - I agree that should ramp up. Fear is a tricky one - it gets discussed quite a bit, but never ends up getting changed for various reasons. Confusion seems like another possibility to have grades of.

DavidMedley November 21, 2019 17:11

Sounds like we are on the same page. I just want to say, somewhat off-topic, that I enjoy talking about the possibilities and in no way think this creates an obligation on the part of any of the devs or maintainers.

emulord November 21, 2019 18:53

Confusion being tiered would be great.
Something like:

Puzzled - Lowered spellcasting ability, but normal movement/attacking
Insane - Confused+Hallucinate

PosChengband has a good way of ramping up poison damage, but might be a little too hardcore for vanilla.

Pete Mack November 22, 2019 02:34

1/8 of the poison counter and 1/4 of the cut counter, maybe? That means poison tops out at 100 per normal turn for a single attack.

DavidMedley November 24, 2019 15:26

Yeah those both have potential

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