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TheHairyOne May 1, 2016 18:02

Modding Mangband question
Anyone know where in the source code it checks if a UNIQUE has been killed before and then decides if loot should drop. I need to disable this check until I can fix the code to properly handle UNIQUE respawns in my variant.

EDIT: Heck...where in the code is loot dropping handled in general. Ie, you kill a what does it do to generate the loot?

PowerWyrm May 1, 2016 20:27

In xtra2.c, check mon_take_hit():


    /* Killing an unique multiple times is cheezy! */
    bool cheeze = ((r_ptr->flags1 & RF1_UNIQUE) && p_ptr->r_killed[m_ptr->r_idx]);

Just change that to "FALSE" and uniques will give xp and drop loot every time.

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