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Donald Jonker October 30, 2008 22:23

[FA] NDS port
Just curious as to how the nds port of faangband is coming along. Are there any jobs that a non-coder can do to lighten the load (playtesting... or something)? I just beat mario for the 58941th time and need something new to play while the lady watches gossip girl ;).

Nick October 31, 2008 07:10

It is being actively worked on (though not by me). Already the keyboard is a decent colour, and there's the capacity to switch the top and bottom screens (which makes a huge difference). I'll try to get a new binary up soon.

Donald Jonker October 31, 2008 16:58

Cool. Thanks for the update!

Nick November 2, 2008 09:47

There is now a new, vastly improved, version of the DS port at - many thanks to Michael Smith. Both the binary and the faangband directory should be recopied, but make sure to keep your save file (faangband/lib/save/PLAYER) if you value it.

The left shoulder button now switches the map between the top and bottom screens, enabling full use of the mouse controls; this and the enlarged font make the game now really playable. Also using help doesn't crash the game any more, and the keyboard has a sensible colour scheme. And the 'A' button acts as Enter, the 'X' button as Escape.

Note that the DS port now uses small screen mode; the most obvious side effect of this is that monster names are abbreviated to initials. To see the monster's full name, tap on it.

Nick November 5, 2008 12:31

This is now updated again, and Michael has given it a version number; if the interested observer looks and notes that the version number has increased, that means there's been another update (but I'm not going to report them all).

I haven't actually had a chance to look at this one; I think the screens are used better and ... the shoulder buttons do stuff... I swear, I used to have a memory.

Donald Jonker November 5, 2008 15:04

This is coming along great. My only request is to increase the font size slightly: my hand isn't steady enough to hit the right tile with the stylus consistently. That quibble aside, fantastic work. Thanks Michael and Nick!

Nick November 5, 2008 19:02


Originally Posted by Donald Jonker (Post 11327)
my hand isn't steady enough to hit the right tile with the stylus consistently.

I think there are ideas in the works to compensate for that.

Nick November 5, 2008 20:59

OK, more detail on what the current update does:
  • 'B' button attacks the nearest monster
  • When the map is on the bottom screen, the top screen is term-1 - so you can put messages, overhead map or whatever there. This is a massive improvement.
  • (less excitingly for players) 'R' button brings up an error console

Nick November 13, 2008 13:15

Latest version (2.25) is up - new keypad overlay for that "Hey, I went in the right direction" feeling.

I'll try to get an update of O to the latest DS version done on the weekend, too.

Nick December 3, 2008 11:09

Version 2.33 is now up, and it's a cracker. There are now proper buttons, both the standard ones and user configurable ones, that appear as an overlay on the right of the screen. Anyone who has a DS should be looking at this - even if you don't want to play FA (as if anyone wouldn't), there should be vanilla port at some point, and you should start getting excited.

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