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Malak Darkhunter December 1, 2014 02:04

changing config.txt for sangband SDl port under ubuntu linux
So been working on this all day and can't figure out a breakthrough, grabbing latest source code from svn checkout for Sangband 1.0.2(which is the one I prefer because it has the fix for the warrior lunge talent exploit).I can compile the SDL port very easily and it runs okay..the problem however is it automatically generates a config.txt file that sets the screen width to 3200..which is way to wide for my 1600x900 laptop screen.If I manually change the width under config.txt to 1600 it works perfectly, the character screen is correct for my 1600x900 screen. However once I exit the game it resets itself back to the 3200 screen width and I am forced to manually edit config.txt back to 1600 screen width each and every time I play the game, I have looked all through the source and can't figure out a way to change these standards to work without having to manually edit config.txt everytime I want to start up the game....does anybody have any ideas for a workaround to this problem?
I am using Ubuntu linux 14.04 LTS 64bit, but I think the same problem happens on 32 bit as well.
the windows compile of 1.0.2 final works very well..better under the 64 bit edition than the 32 bit to be honest.However 1.0.2 final does not fix some of the last issues, and has the lunge exploit bug.

On a different note I also tried the x11+curses compile using make -fMakefile.std install..and that works however the split screen is unbearable and even after changing Split-Screen=False under main.gcu.c you still have only half a game displaying in the terminal, and it honestly just drives me nuts to see all that wasted space. Is there some compile options I am missing? the game also seems to support GTK however I cannot figure out to get that to work.

hading December 2, 2014 14:28

If that's the only thing that changes in config.txt you could make a copy of the good config.txt and write a little script that copies the good one over the bad one and then starts up sangband and run the script instead.

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