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EducatedNoob June 24, 2019 19:44

Latest Nightly release, SDL2 crashing with 8 terms
So, if one tries to open all 8 terms with SDL2 frontend, the application crashes right as you open the last terminal with a nice error message saying that (not verbatim):


assertion failed at main-sdl2.c, line 4394: assert(*next < N_ELEMENTS(window->subwindows));

This behaviour was observed on Linux. (Fedora 29...). I'm not sure what information are needed/relevant, please enlighten me if something else/more is needed. I'm just trying to see if anybody else has encountered or can reproduce this behaviour, as I already have a fix for it.

From a search on the bug tracker and in the forums I couldn't find anything similar. I might be wrong, though, as I only discovered the answer to that fancy question while registering this account. :)

Nick June 24, 2019 22:51

Yeah, this is a known problem - by me, anyway. I've just filed it as a bug. thanks for reporting.

I did look into it a bit a few weeks back, but didn't find an easy fix so just resorted to using the SDL1 (-msdl) frontend again.

EducatedNoob June 24, 2019 22:57

In the afforementioned line, I just changed the `<` to `<=`. It works fine, I've been playing a bit, with all terminals active and no crashes.

To be fully honest, though, I'm not sure if there are any side-effects on what I did, as I can just assume what a lot of things are or do, due to the lack of comments in the code.

Nick June 24, 2019 23:17

OK, thanks, I'll check that out. Maybe I didn't look very hard :)

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