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will_asher August 19, 2010 06:35

Announce DaJAngband 1.2.2 released
Mostly bugfixes and minor changes for v1.2.2. Big stuff will wait till later, hopefully next release.

This release fixes the following bugs:
(everburning) torches & lanterns don't give off light
fixed bug: some monsters described as bugs which shouldn't be
fixed extra message when using stone to mud on a vein with treasure
a couple extremely minor bugs related to the HEAL_OTHR monster spell fixed
fixed bug: Excorsise demons necromancer spell never worked on more than one demon
(hopefully) fixed crash bug mentioned here: (Caused by the 'load a saved game' function ignoring the fact that some monsters can be temporarily dead. Can't be completely sure that it's fixed because I never ran into that bug while playing myself.)

Other changes since 1.2.1:
objects hidden in rubble are no longer restricted to non-gold.
golems no longer start with food (because they can't eat).
teleport control is slightly more reliable.
'of wounding' ego ammo with low bonuses pseudos as good instead of excellent.
object detection range is slightly reduced and extra dice is hidden when item is not IDed or pseudoed.
certain ego types (notably psuedo-randart egos and critical weight ego) have greater chance for extra dice.
psuedo-randart weapons generally improved as weapons (chance for KILL slays among other things).
athame and fur cloak weigh slightly less than they used to.
some more useful scrolls and potions have a small chance to appear in (usually small) stacks.
necromancy realm call darkness spell can now do damage without alerting the monster to your presense (if d8 < your character level).
room spaces in the area of an earthquake which don't get damage no longer lose the CAVE_ROOM flag (this makes it much easier to re-light areas which have been darkened by earthquakes).
tweaked rubble-climbing difficulty again (made slightly easier).
putting something into the quiver (^q) is now a completely separate command from wielding an item (w). (This allows you to wield something directly from your quiver into your weapon slot and vice versa).
not wearing a shield now slightly raises your strength bonus to damage for weapons at least 10lb.
mind flayers notice you faster if you have telepathy, also telepathy worsens your saving throw against mind blasting. Confusion from mind blasting has a chance to bypass Rconf if you have telepathy and bad luck.
recharging prayer is a little stronger (still weaker than greater recharging wizard spell).
if monster doesn't prefer ranged attacks/spells then range attacks are less common when in melee range. (There is a flag in monster.txt tagging that monster as preferring ranged attacks/spells).

Download here:
DaJAngband website is in my sig as always.

will_asher August 25, 2010 04:08

I've posted an update with a fix to the bug I mentioned about huge armies of escorts.

update download link:

Chud August 25, 2010 21:52


Originally Posted by will_asher (Post 39210)
I've posted an update with a fix to the bug I mentioned about huge armies of escorts.

Hmm... I'm not sure, but I think maybe I like that bug. :-) Of course, the only time I've seen it so far, they were orcs that I could kill fairly easily.

will_asher August 30, 2010 08:49

I realized there are things I said I would do before next release (a couple months ago) which I haven't done for this release. That stuff (like monster size) will be in 1.3.0 which I have already started working on, but it'll probably be another couple months at least. I may release a 1.2.3 in the meantime with a few more smaller changes.

The GP Fury September 5, 2010 04:21

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