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dos350 April 8, 2019 13:40

4,1,3 randarts kobold rogue winner
hi, it brings me great joy to post this,

after many attempts at kobold rogue, ive finally won, and it feels o so good~

my first win with no selling aka default selling

the run got serious at dlvl 49 where i found a unique boot with immunity to fire and 9 speed on a labyrinth floor, i managed to find a quite nice mace of disruption and gloves with +1 attack speed,

but it was a low speed finish (15 base speed),, i was a bit scared at this speed but it honestly wasnt an issue in this final fights at all,

this was my first run to finish under 100k turns,, if anyone has low turncount strats, plz msg me or post or show links,, i think i could get under 70k turns quite easily so maybe thats a goal for my next win

id like to say that during this run i experienced alot of joy, not too many close calls really after dlvl 60, but maybe a slow start~

since my last win in 4,1,2 , honestly i read the changes, but it seem like alot more variety in rooms here, or maybe i just forgot~

i experienced alot of teleport woes, back and forth exactly on spot , like ive never seen before, using b,e spell~

made heavy use of escapes book for teleport level,,

as i say in ladder note, its my second win in row without a single artifact light source dropping all game

,,, killed sauron and proceeded to farm potions of life and *healing for P til i had about 17, but was a waste of time since i only used 3-4..

~ i'd like to add the mid to low p's that cause paralysis are honestly out of control ,,,, healers are out of control maybe call them snipers instead?

this run was streamed live in its entirety on twitch for educational purposes,,, i tried to export VOD to youtube but had issues due to music ,,, so if anyone want see this ive highlighted it on twitch highlights (3 parts, part 1 linked)

great fun on a great game, looking forward to my next win,,, only have ranger and mage to go til i got the 6 spike crown, but if new version come that dream may be nullified?


Thraalbee April 8, 2019 14:13

Nice work! Well done

fph April 8, 2019 21:00


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