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DaviddesJ March 30, 2008 22:53

monster list info
This is a simple, almost trivial thing, but in the monster display list (monsters you see), it would be nice to have a bit more information, particularly for identifying the tougher monsters at a glance. Currently, uniques are in a different color, but that's about it. A simple suggestion would be to display the monster level for each monster in the list (assuming you know it).

A related idea, in the strength bar for the targeted monster (showing the damage you've done so far as a fraction of its maximum hit points), there could be some indication of the typical total hit points for that monster (again, assuming you know it).

Big Al March 31, 2008 04:10

In the SVN, out of depth monsters are marked in red, I think, and the monster list is (roughly) sorted from hardest-to-easiest, so the harder monsters should appear near the top of the list.

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