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davidk64 July 1, 2018 12:07

ZAngbandTk 2.4.0r6
I've started playing a bit of ZAngbandTk 2.4.0r6 in the latest OmnibandTk version. One thing I noticed is that when using the David Gervais 32x32 tile set you sometimes see original 16x16 tiles that have been magnified. I guess where there wasn't a DG tile suitable for the requirement. For example "Leather Jacket". It's no show stopper but it seems a shame to have the pixelated looking tiles for want of a nicer original 32x32 version.

You can use the assign window to remap the offending tiles to your choice of the available 32x32 originals and that would be my fallback option on a case by case basis as I come across them.

But I wondered (very hopefully) whether anybody else has felt the same way and has already done this remapping process or even better added the needed tiles. For example I see where there is the UT32 tileset compiled by Buzzkill and also work by Snark for his own use with Z+angband? Perhaps some or all of the needed tiles are in these sets?

I know I'm open to "If you want something doing then do it yourself!" but it doesn't hurt to see whether this wheel has already been invented as it were :)

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