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Grotug September 29, 2018 21:40

Artifactless Ironman
Things are going pretty darn smoothly. Everything has curved out nicely so far. Always found good enough weapons for my depth; TOs came in good time, detection as well. And found an early good damage dagger with telepathy. I nearly died to an Istar pit, but it rewarded me handsomely with consumables and boots of elvenkind. That was pretty much the only time I nearly died.

Dawndeath just gave me a ring of speed [+12] so I am really sitting pretty now.

The next big item I'm hoping to get real soon is "Trickery. After that it will just be consumables, an endgame weapon and maybe rDisenchant on a shield or armor.

Char dump here:

Grotug October 1, 2018 02:04

And... I beat the bosses. I made a mistake in not killing more undead monsters on the way down to the final bosses, as I only made it to CL48 (still had 1035HP, though). A MoD <+2> attacks was the endgame weapon. pStunning was a nice find on the cloak; a decent preservation shield, and rBase on Telepathy magi helm are the main equipment highlights. There's actually very few safe things to kill that will give a lot of EXP without destroying inventory. I've uploaded the fight to youtube if anyone is interested.


Magnate October 1, 2018 09:33

Any ironman win is impressive, but artifactless especially so. Congrats!

Pete Mack October 2, 2018 01:23

Ring of Digging instead of Damage is an unusual choice, especially with a +2 attscks weapon. That crown is phenomenal, and the weapon is extremely good too. I am surprised that you never found +2 CON dwarven dragon armor of any quality though, not even Green.

Grotug October 2, 2018 06:06

The ring of digging was a swap. I checked the YT video to make sure I wasn't fighting with it on and at least at the beginning of the fight I was wearing the DEX ring. I did the char dump a little bit after beating M and had put the RoDigging on after. I never even found a good RoD. Best one I found was +12 and left it behind, because at the time the Dex ring was better and figured I'd get a better RoD near the end, but never did. I didn't find much after DL83 when Maeglin dropped me the MoD <+2>. Aside from the weapon, the best items I found were RoS +14 and "Trickery. And the bow? Found it under rubble in a rubble field. Good thing I like clearing rubble fields!

If my luck wasn't in items, it was in friendly monsters. My current hobbit ranger is so far constantly harassed by water hounds and fire hounds. I experienced very little elemental attacks throughout my ironman game. Even so, pretty much the greatest challenge throughout the game was accumulating enough phase doors to feel comfortable in the final fights. Almost every elemental attack I did receive destroyed between one and three phase doors. :mad::p

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