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Dragonboneman October 12, 2007 22:32

The Acquirement lottery
We've been discussing Scrolls of Acquirement a little of late and it's got me wondering - what is the best/worst item ever received from one of these? To me, they're a bit like Angband's lottery tickets - you have a brief feeling of hope when you get one, almost always followed by disappointment.
My best ever scroll produced Anarion. Needless to say death followed swiftly. Several tie for the worst by giving me weapons of slay foo. How about you? Ever get something truly amazing/dismal?

Djabanete October 12, 2007 23:16

In my current Entro game, Acquirement in the early 40's produced Isildur. :cool:

That's probably the best it's ever done for me. I've gotten my share of Lucerne hammers of Slay Animal.

Matthias October 12, 2007 23:26

This is the best I remember, playing Un:


Originally Posted by Matthias
Found another acq scroll, and got my wow *YES* item. Those randart boots are godly compared to the rest of my kit, offering several important resists. It's the first item to give res confu!!

l) The Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Daegas [6,+18] (+2)
It modifies constitution and stealth. It provides resistance to acid,
poison, fear, powerful confusion, shards and disenchantment. It
protects you from the effects of poison, cuts and confusion. It gives
its wielder regeneration.

Seany C October 13, 2007 11:57

Worst ever was in FAA - I got a randart helm and was understandably excited - a scroll of *ID* revealed that its powers were:


That was it - not even the +1 to light radius that I would have got from a Helm of Light... :)

Daven_26d1 October 13, 2007 18:34

Worst I ever got was a bare dagger, but I didn't really understand the scrolls at the time.

Best was probably Bard at around lvl 50-60, in Sang.

will_asher October 13, 2007 20:15

Got my best from ?Aquirement just now: got Thranduil at L39. Literally a minute ago.

HallucinationMushroom October 14, 2007 05:21

Best: Soulkeeper

Most hilarious: The gloves of fire and ice which provided, of course, lightning and acid resist.

Paffa October 17, 2007 18:36

I've gotten *many* shields/armours of resist acid/lightning/fire/cold. Totally and utterly useless at the point ?Acquirement can even be found.

Can't remember the best one.. But I don't count too much on those scrolls.

Djabanete October 22, 2007 23:53

Score! Elven Cloak of Freezing (+4 stealth) from a ?Acq, dropped by a Ghost on level 33.
(This is Entro.)

Dragonboneman October 23, 2007 00:10


Originally Posted by Djabanete (Post 3337)

Score! Elven Cloak of Freezing (+4 stealth) from a ?Acq, dropped by a Ghost on level 33.
(This is Entro.)

Oooh, nice! What's one of them? I haven't played Entro much.

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