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Derakon July 2, 2017 17:26

In before Pete recommends diving past the early levels. :)

Pete Mack July 2, 2017 18:19

@joemaro--HINT: you are really, really not expected to clear levels. In early levels, the game mostly consists of finding the down staircase. And yes, clearing levels is a common newbie error. Later on, clearing levels becomes actively dangerous, not just boring. You have to actively try to find interesting targets.
Edit: @derakon haha! I feel this really belongs in the help pages.

petvan August 1, 2017 01:48

Loving it!
Just a quick note to say I haven't played much other than an old 3.x version I had for years and in the last few days I switched to 4.1 and wanted to say thanks to all who put it together.

Really loving the changes from cool level layouts, awesome rune system, happy s button that isn't getting hammered on full time, and graphics (who knew graphics and animations in an ansi game would resonate in 2017!)

Still sucks to die too!



caruso March 25, 2018 13:44

Belated congratulations! :) I've only tried one character so far, but I'm mostly sure all the major changes make sense. No selling by default, simplified search for traps and secret doors, rune-based identification... All of these make the game more streamlined while maintaining the fun IMO. Only I'm rarely tempted to use cursed equipment, but that's fine with me. So far I'd only like to suggest that, when you spot a trap, the game should tell you what kind of trap it is, so you can estimate at once how dangerous a disarm attempt would be.

By the way, I also appreciate that you leave open whether food rations contain meat or not. I think this can be quite an important role-playing aspect - even more so as even some of the dark ones prefer a meatless (and bloodless) diet [1] [2].

Grotug March 26, 2018 03:03

I liked the cursed items. My favorite to wear are Steelskin. 20 extra AC is nice early on when electricity vulnerablity doesn't matter, and later also very welcome when you have electricity immunity. I also like that there is always the chance that you may find something to remove the curse with if it's an item you really want that has a curse. Sometimes wearing a helm of seeing is worth the poison curse. I agree, 4.1 is quite nice. And I also love the level layouts. I have an idea for a level layout from Doom 1 that I'd like to try to realize at some point. It's been itching at me for a few months now. I'm just not sure how I'd go about drawing it. Maybe I'd just edit the original doom map that and save a screenshot.

Here is a doom map made by Emil Brundage that I think has some interesting ideas that could be incorporated into Angband (some already have been in a "convergent evolution" sort of way:

Here is e3m5 Unholy Cathedral map from which I'd like to develop a level idea for angband:

Basically the idea is a level that is a giant circular outer corridor (or corridors) or rooms and corridors that make up a giant circle and then there are passages and rooms/caverns inside the circular area. I'm not suggesting make a carbon copy of E3M5, but use it loosely as inspiration for a circular layout.

fph March 26, 2018 07:45

Reminds me a bit of Morgoth's level in Sil.

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